Friday, February 10, 2017

The Empaths Path to Healing the World

Today WE celebrate feeling it all. Allowing the light of love within that is an unlimited supply of source love to transform sorrow and suffering in the world into healing through the light that We Are.

I see now from my hearts eye, how attempting not to feel the pain, suffering, discourse in the world leads us to indifference and justifications for that state of not feeling, not caring. What we seek, we shall find. Fear of feeling is fear of caring, fear of bearing responsibility. We are seeing justifications for this all around us. From blaming those suffering as being a threat, to claiming God 'HIM'self stands behind turning away from those fleeing for a safe haven for them and their families.

Empaths of the world are strengthened in truth through their courage to feel, to care deeply and to process the pain of the world.  Sorrow, sadness and pain are transforming emotions, and when we allow ourselves to feel these emotions beyond our own suffering, allowing ourselves to care deeply for others suffering we can do great energy healing work for all.

When we allow the pain of others in, feel it for ourselves, do not avoid it, or justify those causing the pain, just feel it fully, it flows through the light we are. For some this process is too much. Feelings of being somehow responsible for the pain of our brothers and sisters in the world enables them to turn away and seek evidence for their indifference being just. For some it is the feelings of powerlessness to do anything about others suffering that causes a need to detach, the result is the same, justifications for indifference are found.

Allowing ourselves to feel, to care, to love our neighbors as ourselves and to feel their sorrow and suffering for them, IS doing something. It's actually doing something HUGE. It's clearing the energy of suffering from the global energy body. For each of us that has it in our hearts to feel the world's suffering and process the pain we feel over it, helps the whole of us to heal through getting real.

Getting real is ending the cycle of denial. A cycle of living outside in and moving toward living inside out. Outside in, is living life separate from our true BEingness, disconnected from our true power. Believing ourselves separate from the world, from God, and detaching from any responsibility for what takes place outside of ourselves, and justifying the wrongs in the world by any means necessary, even going so far as to believe and say that God agrees with our indifference and trespasses, and is on our side.

I cannot tell you how many bible versus I see being thrown around today to justify the division, hatred, and indifference in the world. It is easy to find a verse in the bible that can be twisted to justify our own actions or inaction. Talk to me about the voice within if you want me to really pay attention. The voice of creator within does not justify indifference to suffering without, does not take only one side, knows all sides are the one side. I can feel the energy of every spoken word, and the energy of the one speaking it, we all can if we open up to this gift. And when I feel justifications fueled by denial I see it for what it is. I turn within and seek to feel even these feelings. Feelings of fear lead denial and self righteous justifications, I allow myself to feel these feelings too, so I can do more clearing work on behalf of us all.

Living inside out means discovering the truth of "As Within, So Without". Remembering our connection to all that is, as all that is. Taking full responsibility for not only our own lives, but for the reality we support and create. Becoming the powerful creators we are. Choosing to exercise our free will to surrender to the Holy Spirit that lives within us, as us all. In this space we are living as the creator, not using the creator to justify how we live.

Division is not the work of Love, it is the work of Fear. Justified division is justified fear. Indifference is not the work of Love, it is the work of fear. Justified Indifference is justified fear. Dear Empaths who care deeply, Face Everything And Rise! Face all fears and rise in Love.

When we allow ourselves to feel sorrow, sadness, pain, even anger we are in a state of allowing. Allowing is a form of surrender.  When we surrender to feelings they no longer hold power over us. This creates a flow of energy through us.  Allows what is blocked in us to be cleared. This process of clearing allows our own suppressed feelings to be felt, processed and released, making space for truth to grow, the truth within is pure, powerful Love for All!

Last night me heart felt broken, tears streamed down my face as I allowed myself to feel others struggles and suffering. I read a story of a woman being deported, she came here from Mexico 21 years ago. Is a mother and wife and has worked hard to support her family. She was arrested years ago for working under a false social security number. And has reported every single year to immigration who has allowed her to continue to live and work in this country. Now she is being deported, her family ripped apart. How many of us have a criminal in our own family? Are a criminal ourselves? We would feel devastated if this were our own mother, wife, sister, aunt or cousin. But she isn't so some feel that she is getting what she deserves or choose not to feel about it at all.

My heart broke. I wanted to turn to anger and for brief moments felt deep anger present, especially toward those in my own life who justify this as the right way to make our Country great again. I allowed all this to be felt and expressed fully. Today I Am renewed, stronger to feel more today than the day before.  Empowered to care more, even in moments where I feel powerless to help, to do something about it. I do have the power to feel, allow ans process and that my friends is a super power that we all have, once tapped into we all heal the world.

Shown in my dreams last night the energy flow transmuted into pure healing energy through my surrendering to and allowing these feelings to process through me was a beautiful dream complete with a grand celebration from Heaven above and within.

We are all empaths. We are all capable of doing great healing work in the world. It begins within each of us. For each of us taking on the ability to feel others feelings and care deeply, more of us are Empowered to do so. More of us take responsibility for the world we create together. More of us release fear and our justifications for and denial of the fear we embrace.

I am not talking about suffering simply for the sake of suffering here. That is a powerless state. I am talking about processing, letting it flow, allowing all emotions to be felt, expressed, and released creating space for love to heal. This is great healing work, the work of living inside out, and feeling for the world. This is a powerful state.

I love you all from a place of Empowered Joy to Love Fearlessly. To feel it all, and process it through the light of source that lives within me at all times.

One Love,
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