Friday, March 3, 2017

CHEMTRAILS, GMO's, Vaccines, and a spiritual journey to ALL IS WELL

What if the government is contaminating our food, everyday use products, water and air, and pumping us full of unnecessary damaging and deadly poisons via vaccines?
What if calling people who recognize it conspiracy theorists, radicals, quacks is just another way to hide the truth.

Are you willing to simply trust a proven corrupt, corporate owned government and be a good, patriotic, person who avoids questioning any of this? And if you are how do you feel about treating others who see it differently with ridicule, insults and judgements?

What If it's true, all of it? It's scary to even admit it could be true. It seems impossible, inconceivable, no one would do that right? And if we consider it, it feels overpowering, overwhelming even. It creates fear, anger and a feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of powerlessness even considering the what if. I went through all of those emotions when I began considering the what if it's true, what if they are poisoning us?!

Then I shifted my perspective. I moved from powerless to powerful by educating myself. I returned to nature, beginning a connection to our great mother earth and all she provides that sustains us. I strengthened my faith in remembering that God created all we need to flourish, and I made huge life changes. It was work I won't lie, I'm still changing and have more work to do.

I turned off the TV that programmed me into a mindless consumer and promoted drama in my life. Created feelings of fear, seeing the world as a horrible place. I began watching alternative news like info wars but quickly realized that they were serving up fear too, created in me more powerlessness and even more lead me to be part of the problem. What I mean by that is that as I connected with the infinite wisdom within, I began to remember that we are the creators of our own reality, our fears of an agenda actually help that agenda to be created. So conspiracy theory news should be acknowledged and considered now, asking ourselves... if they are poisoning us and yes they have an agenda. Then move on to being the empowered creator you and I are. Move onto solutions, to being the change.

You see first we must admit there is a problem. However, if we just stay stuck there and do nothing but scream there's a problem we are actually helping the problem grow with just or attention to it over prolonged amounts of time. If we prepare for the problem by stock piling ammo, weapons, survival kits we are actually creating the need for all these things. We cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them. These problems were created from fear consciousness. Fear of the elite losing control over the growing and awakening population.

To solve these problems we must access new consciousness, Love consciousness. I moved on to educate myself on what is in these poisons and what defenses I have available to me in nature. I moved on from fear to love consciousness through prayer, meditation, education and connecting with others fueled by love consciousness.

Today I know that I have nothing to fear, that I am here to shift from fear to love. I've learned that for me the path wasn't denial, burying my head in the sand, nor was it screaming there's a problem, someone else fix it. I discovered that I was the problem and I am the solution.

Today I'm mostly excited about the events taking place. My heart hurts and I'm angry some days too. But mostly excited because when I remember to embody love consciousness I can see the awakening taking place. I can see the evolution of the human species becoming what we have always been, we are one, we are love realizing itself. I can build bridges and create connections. I can see everyone as my brother and sister and love all my neighbors as myself fearlessly. I don't sit in fear of others and allow TV to tell me how to feel and leaf me to closing my heart to those in need out of fear. I've learned that this body is temporary but my ability to love and open my arms and heart is eternal, is what I'm meant to do, is practicing my faith instead of using it as a shield to say I'm a good person I just need to protect myself and my family. Me and my family are infinite children of God and if I teach them anything in this life I want it to be love, and living faith. When my body dies I want to be able to know that in this lifetime I actually faced fear and abolished it with love and deep faith. I cannot justify any fear based thinking that makes my brothers and sisters who pray, look, love differently the enemy and be true to my faith and the teachings of Christ. Not in this lifetime. In this life I choose complete and total reunion with God. In complete union there is no separation and there is no fear. There is only love for all as one. I've learned these fears are a gift and my passage to love.

Considering the what ifs shouldn't be frowned upon, but by some it is. There are times you feel ostracized. There are times you feel hurt, alone and ask yourself if they're right and your just crazy. I didn't let those opinions stop me at any stage and was able to move through all the stages without any real harm to myself. In fact I've come out better than ever, I love differently now. I walk in such faith with a deep inner knowing that all is well and going according to plan.

I've discovered new friends who I know to be my soul tribe all over the planet. We are coming together in beautiful ways. I'm not alone and neither are you. The good news is that we all wake up. So those who judged you, doubted you, left you will wake up too and that will be a grand celebration. I'm excited for that experience and mindful not to stay in places of hurt, regrets, resentment or judgement because it is our destiny to awaken and all are one. I was once a person who didn't believe any of this so I think I can be patiently loving with my brothers and sisters so still don't.

I love you all, as you are, here and now. I love myself as I am here and now. We are all doing the best we can. We are all part of a greater plan and we can't get it wrong.

One Love,

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