Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 2017 Energy Update ~ Release, Focus, Engage

April is all about FOCUS, where your attention goes, massive energy is sure to flow. There is a plot twist happening here, focus is turned on you. Meaning that you are going to be engaged by the universal energies in areas that require your focus, possibly areas you have been avoiding looking at or opportunities you have missed with your attention elsewhere, so pay attention to what is engaging you.

There are multiple planetary alignments dancing together this month in a push and pull fashion, engaging you in very specific ways, all for your own growth and advancement into the higher dimensions of the self. April offers of opportunity and advancement are enhanced and multiplied during this very special time.

First let's just look at the four planet dancing in retrograde for our benefit in April:

VENUS (about every 18 months for 6 weeks) Love & Money
01/30/17 Enters Shadow
03/04/17 Goes Retrograde
04/15/17 Goes Direct
05/18/17 Leaves Shadow

Love & Money are emphasized for review. Old relationships can show up for healing through forgiveness and release. Current relationships reveal themselves more honestly. All guiding you to ask yourself... Does this honor me? Am I honoring myself? The theme is honor. Coming into alignment with your true worth, and fully letting go of that which does not serve you. Career moves are available, old projects you gave up on revisited. All areas of creating wealth are open for exploration. A good time to focus honestly on your relationship with money and discover your money blueprint blocks. Create those integrity lists and get organized in your plans to manifest your dreams.

PLUTO (every year for 5 or 6 months) Change & Transformation.
12/29/17 Enters Shadow
04/20/17 Goes Retrograde
09/28/17 Goes Direct
01/19/18 Leaves Shadow

Pluto stays in one Zodiac sign for approximately 21 years, taking 248 years to complete one trip around the sun, Pluto is patient and persistent in its offering of support in the areas of change and transformation. Lifes eternal guarantee is change, however many of us resist change and suffer as a result. What we resist, persists, making changes more dramatic until we let go and go with the flow, leading us to growth through transformation. During Pluto retrograde review your relationship with change and transformation, are you fluid and inviting changes into your life with excitement for the unknown adventures ahead, or are you fighting it all the way, refusing to let go? Your purpose in life is transformation and change facilitates much of your transformation. Every change is a chance to transform. What we go through, we grow through.

SATURN (every year for about 140 days) Karma
12/30/16 Enters Shadow
04/06/17 Goes Retrograde
08/25/17 Goes Direct
12/01/17 Leaves Shadow

Saturn, referred to as the Lord of Karma brings up all that is unresolved and ready to be made right and released by you. It can be a challenging time if you refuse clearing your past through denial, or resist taking ownership of the results you have created in your life. This Saturn retrograde is squared with Venus emphasizes your karma in the areas of Love & Money. This is an opportunity to look at your core intent in all you have done and do moving forward in your relationships and in how you earn money. Pay old debts. Make amends to old relationships. Get centered in pure intent moving forward to assure that your core intent is for the greatest good of all concerned. Pay attention to what is coming up, what is engaging you for clearing. Blessings abound moving forward when you clear all that is ready to be cleared, creating a clean slate to build solid foundations in love and money. Use this time to meet your responsibilities, especially in your relationships.

MERCURY (three to four times per year for about 19 to 24 days) Communication & Agreements
03/27/17 Enters Shadow
04/09/17 Goes Retrograde
05/03/17 Goes Direct
05/20/17 Leaves Shadow

Mercury governs all forms of communication and impacts the agreements we make. During retrograde making new agreements that have not already begun before the retrograde period is not the best plan. Mercury retrograde is what I refer to as the RE-Time, it is time to revisit, rediscover, reevaluate and the big one RELEASE. Communication is challenged, giving us encouragement to be more intentful in how and what we communicate. Are we just saying what others want to hear, avoiding our own deeper truths to fit in, to get something we want? What are we hiding from view, resisting facing in our lives. What undone issues are ready to be revisited and released. Time to clean out those closets, and organize our lives with intent fueled by truth and the highest good for all involved. Finalizing previous agreements that we never fully engaged is encouraged, either close the lose ends you left hanging or finalize and engage committed action to fulfill your previous agreements. New agreements being offered are best evaluated during this time, and acted upon once Mercury goes direct.

April and much of this year will feel like a roller coaster to those of us who resist the energies effecting us, there is no resisting these energies, and they will effect us all in different ways. This year is a you can run, but you cannot hide type of year. Let's also remember that this is the Year of the Rooster, and this Rooster year is truly the Rising of the Fire Phoenix, a year of massive transformation for us all. The Fire Phoenix emphasizes money and health. This is the year to address both these areas with pure intent and solid focus. You are supported greatly in these two areas, next year and the following years, what you do not address now will be a harder road to travel.

Take some time to contemplate where your focus is, focus is key right now. We often focus on things that distract us from facing things we are avoiding. Addictions are triggered now, so that we can address them. Relationships emphasized, strong and honest communication with emphasis on our intent is asking to be addressed. Are we loving unconditionally, or is there conditions and self serving intent in the love we give and receive? We are being guided to get honest with ourselves so that we are honoring ourselves and others in our relationships. In money it is time to get clear about our motives. To address our lack of mindsets. Our beliefs about money that keep us locked in webs of lack, or webs of deception for gain. Karma is quicker to respond now, we will be shown almost immediately the results of our intent. This is a time of transparency in all things, what is false in us and others is being brought to the surface, not for the sake of punishment, rather for the sake of release. We are being offered the opportunity to create a clean slate on which to build solid foundations based in truth and the highest good of all concerned. Remember, all others are you, and you are all others. To use another is to use yourself. To abuse another is to abuse yourself. To allow yourself to be used or abused is to create more abuse in the world for all. The same is true that when you release and heal, the world releases and heals.

This is a time to take flight, to fully engage all that engages you and to finally engage all that you wish to create. To courageously be honest first with yourself then with all others. To be very clear on your intentions so that you are laying solid foundations that will flourish into beautiful, abundant creations that will sustain you and all involved. Your deepest desires to overcome what has held you back (yourself) and face your complacency, denial, addictions, indifference, judgements and all that is not your true divine nature are supported now ten fold. This support does not mean the journey is made more comfortable, it means you are made stronger. Strength in its true form not in its distorted form. True strength is the courage to be honest, to be vulnerable, to be kind. Distorted strength appears as the one who needs nothing and no one and has no fears, returns anger with anger, demands respect. True strength is respect no matter what it encounters. True strength feels deeply, shares honestly, cries openly and returns all actions with loving understanding and kindness, holding its space of power and discerning what honors itself first and others second, all are honored in true strength.

I love you all from a place of pure excitement for all that is taking place. It has been my experiencing that facing myself, peeling away the layers of false identities and many masks I have created in an effort to protect and project myself has freed me to live more authentically with each layer I reveal and release. The further down the path of self realization we travel the more we let go of the desire to resist seeing ourselves for who we truly are, we begin to look within without fear,  and miracles happen, all around us. Go forward with courageous love my friends, you are ready to do this work, you are worthy of much more than you know.

One Love,

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