Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We are right on time ~ The process of Ascension ~ The Awakening

The energies that have been entering the planet support transparency. Look around you, full disclosure is everywhere. We are presenting ourselves more authentically as we are NOW, more than ever before. You can see this in personal levels, you can see this in world levels. We are all exposing ourselves. And this is so that we can shift from our false ideas of who we are to remembering the truth of who we all are and why we're here.

The rise in outward hate toward others is being exposed. What is ill in us is erupting like a volcano. It feels like going backwards in time. When what is actually happening is we are purging so that we can move forward faster.

The energies of racism, misogyny, bigotry, hatred, corruption, judgement, greed, etc... are dark energies that in the past existed hidden more than exposed. These energies were allowed cover, giving the energies more power to work through hidden channels and events. The sudden outbursts of seeing these energies working in the light rather than in the dark is how they are dissolved.

Anything that is dying will fight to survive. Even consciousness. Fear consciousness is dying. In an effort to survive it must fully expose itself. The anger and hated you see is evidence of these energies coming to the surface to fight for its survival. These energies can no longer exist in the dark corners of our consciousness. As the light of creation in us grows exponentially, these dark energies have nowhere to hide and are coming to the surface, being expressed, and exposing themselves.

We all carry fear energy in us. Our own consciousness is purging this energy as the collective consciousness purges. No one can hide what they really feel, what their true positions are, their true intent now. Life is presenting us all with the perfect events to open us up, in some cases rip us wide open and expose what is ill in us all. All efforts to fight the dark energies in others will beautifully reveal to us the dark energies in ourselves until their is nothing left to fight and we surrender, releasing our attachment to fear and embracing love.

The victim archetype is dying. We are evolving into self actualized humans who know our power exists in love. We are freeing ourselves from our self created prisons. We cannot fail. This is the end of times as we know it. What comes next is an era of healing, followed by an everlasting era of love, of heaven on earth. As within, so without. The kingdom of heaven that exists within will be expressed without.

Each role being played right now is divinely connected to this destiny. Those who fight the hardest to maintain the energy of fear are actually doing great work in exposing this energy to the world. The universal law of cause and effect also referred to as karma is almost instant now, showing us immediately the result of our own thoughts, words and actions.

Hanging onto the illusion, to what is false will become more and more painful. The actions we take in an attempt to hold the consciousness of fear will interfere in all our relationships, sometimes through loss so that we find ourselves left only with our beliefs and opinions that offer no comfort to comfort us. The harder we fight to be right about our fears, the more lonely we become until we have nothing left to fight for and recognize what really matters most. Remember the connectedness of all life. And embrace living loving all that is as we wish to be loved.

As you awaken to these truths, you will become a loving spectator of the events as they unfold. You will no longer suffer for the sake of suffering. You will love authentically, unconditionally and hold the energy of love for the planet. You will see the purpose in it all. You will no longer attach to emotions that are false. You will not need another to prove you are loved nor need to prove love to another. Love simply is. You will allow others their own purge and unraveling without needing to save them or needing to battle them. You will see the world falling apart and be unaffected by it, holding a high vibration of gratitude and love for it all.

This is the process of ascension. This is the awakening of Christ Consciousness. We are right on time and all is going according to divine plan. We will look back and celebrate it all. Those awakened among us have already begun celebrating, they are easy to recognize, they come in peace and love with open arms all around you.

I love you all from a place of excitment as I see my own unraveling unfolding in real time every single moment, I hold pure gratitude for my own relationships that are revealing myself to me. These are exciting times, we are headed for a new paradigm and the view ahead is grand.

One Love,

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