Sunday, May 28, 2017

What energy are you feeding the world?

Being so overly concerned about the world, that you walk around depressed, pointing out all that is wrong and expecting the worst helps no one, changes nothing. You can be as concerned as you want to, complain all day if you want to, place blame all day long on others, and you will not have helped a soul, or changed a thing. You will be adding to the energy of suffering, empowering fears grip on humanity.

Shift to being joy, hope, faith. I am not saying bury your head in the sand, or withdraw from being active for change. I am saying, BECOME THE CHANGE. Where there is darkness, be the light. Come as the solution, not as the problem.

The problems already exist, and they exist as a result of our own level of consciousness. They exist as results of our own actions or failure to act in more loving, forgiving, joyous ways in our own lives. Our problems all across the world are showing us the result of our past level of consciousness.
It is in raising our consciousness through forgiveness, compassion, kindness and loving action that we help all souls, that we change the world. It is in caring deeply with genuine wishes for all others that we become cared for in return.

It is easy to love those who think, believe and act the same as ourselves. They are familiar to us, trust is easy there. And while that love shared lightens your load of burden in life, it is the fear, the anger, the hate, the judgements in each of us toward those who think, believe, look and act differently that creates the division in the world that empowers fear, hate, indifference and suffering to continue.
Become the observer of your own thoughts and feelings. Recognize your intentions towards others. It is in healing our own thoughts and feelings towards others and building bridges on what unites us that we heal ourselves and the world.

Can you send genuine loving, healing, compassionate prayers and energy to those you currently blame for what is wrong in your world and extend that to the world as a whole. Can you wish joy for your perceived enemies. Can you care deeply for those who believe differently than yourself. Those who look differently. Live differently. Worship differently. Even those who treat you badly because they see you as the enemy?


In our own communities we have unlimited opportunities to practice loving our neighbor as ourselves. Technology extends our reach across this beautiful world and allows us to shine light everywhere. In fact, technology, social media specifically is a powerful tool that not only allows us connection to the world, it also shows us how disconnected we are, how unconscious we are. It show us honestly how we feel about and treat others who we gain nothing from.

Scrolling our newsfeeds we get to see many opinions and beliefs, many lives being lived in many ways. We are given a great opportunity to recognize our own judgements of other's online, everyday. Are we triggered, do we battle opinions, do we in turn create posts to strengthen our own positions and opinions. How are we treating our neighbors online? Are we only interested in connecting with those who we agree with and judging those we don't.

There is so much available to us, everywhere. There is unlimited opportunity for healing and becoming the one who offers healing to others. Sitting in your home wishing well thoughts to another whom you would otherwise judge and turn away from does more to change the world than complaining about the world and being depressed about it ever will.
We are creating the world with our thoughts about it. What we fear, we empower and strengthen. What we focus on most, we create!

I love you all from a place of seeing the connectedness of it all, valuing it all and excitement for where we are headed through gratitude for all that tore me down so that I could shed what does not serve me in being the change I wish to see.

One Love,

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