Sunday, September 24, 2017

Breaking your contract with fear! Free Will to choose love!

The feeling separate from our source is amplified by and amplifies fear energy. Fear energy fuels duality and the victim mindset. Creating and strengthening beliefs of being separate from our creator, each other and nature. Fear defends and attacks. Fear is the opposite of and absence of love. Fear is destructive.

To truly understand love, we've chosen to experience the absence of it, it's opposite fear. This was our choice. One cannot logically or honestly believe in free will and evil having control over us at the same time. If we have free will, being controlled would be a choice we enter into contract with by our own free will. Choosing the belief that evil forces can harm and control us is entering into contract for that experience, it's a choice made of free will to experience ourself as powerless.

Feeling connected to all of creation and one with source is love energy. Love being our energy of origin is more powerful than fear. Love is creative. Love is the truth. Love is the light. What fear destroys, love can restore, renew, regenerate. We are love energy, it is our natural state. Returning to love is a choice of free will. Healing fears destructive affect on our cellular memories and returning to our natural state happens in every now moment that we choose love over fear. This choice is always present because in this realm we still have both energies to choose from, this is a realty of duality where everything has its opposite. We chose to be here.

Everything taking place on earth is a result of free will. Choices. Our choices, which create our physical reality. Choosing fear creates a reality of fear which is a destructive reality. Choosing love creates a reality of love which is creative.

If one believes themselves powerless, a victim of dark forces controlling the planet, and prepares to defend themself they are actually creating the realty they need defense against. By living in fear of something you are choosing of your own free will to create that experience.

The goal of entering into this realm of duality with blind free will is to learn love through experiencing the opposite of it and choosing love. To fully understand ourselves we choose to experience the opposite of what we are. We remember who we are by going directly through who we are not. We are not our fears. And choosing love is how we remember our true self and our connection to all that is.

To say you want peace on earth, equality for all, harmony and unity you must choose these things within yourself first. Taking responsibility for your choices and what they have and are creating. Choosing love over fear in each experience. Exercising your free will to break all contacts with fear. No longer turning away from your fears, but facing them with love as your only weapon.

We are love energy, and love energy never dies, it only changes form. Death is a construct of fear. One who fears death holds little value for life. Fear defends and attacks, is the fuel that creates the destruction of life. Our thoughts based in fear are responsible for the destruction of life. Fear cannot conquer love because fear is a lie, is false, and love is the truth. And the truth shall set you free.
There is no-one to blame, but ourselves and even in that truth realized there is nothing to fear. For the moment we choose to be responsible for what we have created we are empowered to end the cycles of destroying from fear and begin the cycles creating from love.

Love is always present, always available. It has not ownership, no demands, is not something you must search for, for it exist within you, as you, your true self. Are you ready to choose love?
Are you ready to experience the kingdom of heaven that exist within? Heaven is not somewhere we go. It is a state of beingness within that creates without. Fear tells the lies that create enemies and deem only certain paths, groups worthy of heaven. Fear paints love itself as something to fear. For to deem oneself worthy and another doomed is a judgement, and to judge another is to choose fear. There is no love present in our judgements. There is love present in forgiveness and forgiveness has no conditions. True forgiveness does not require another to see things your way to be forgiven. To be saved.

What we are experiencing here is our relationship with love, that which we are. And our relationship with fear, that which we are not. And we are choosing one or the other. Unity is loves choice. Separation is fears choice. Needing someone to believe and be what you believe and think you are to be loved by you is evidence of your choosing fear and separation.

One cannot truly and honestly claim faith in a higher all mighty power and fear any evil or darkness. Fear of evil or darkness is evidence of doubt in the message you preach. Christ consciousness lives within us all. We are all worshipping the same God, Source, Energy, Great Spirit in different ways. Love recognizes these different ways as worship of the same. Love celebrates the sacredness of each sentient beings connection to God and has no need to judge our condemn another's worship. The need to convert is the need to be right, the need to be right is born only of the fear of being wrong, is born of fear, and fear is not the truth.

I love you all from a place of celebrating your path being perfect for you, and imagining a world where we all celebrate each other.

One Love,

LOVE is the absolute TRUTH. And the truth shall set you FREE!
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