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Timelines, Multidimensional YOU, Sacred Union Partnerships, New Earth

Old Earth or New Earth is what we are choosing at this time. I'm not trying to make it sound all dramatic and shit, but it is! Dramatic in the sense that we are playing out a lot of inner drama to make the choice. Most of us are teeter-tottering between Old and New Earth with more time spent in Old Earth in the beginning of our awakenings. The more we choose new beliefs, and present a new version of our self based in the truth of who we are, the more we choose New Earth. Every time we choose New Earth we begin to collapse Old Earth timelines. And the longer we maintain the state of consciousness required to hold awareness in New Earth the easier collapsing Old Earth timelines becomes. This is some quantum, multidimensional shit I am talking about here. That only makes sense in glimpses initially, and might not make any sense to you, the one reading this right now. But your'e here, that means you were called to this, so just keep reading.

I am going to break this down as I currently understand it through my own experiences. I want to convey that we are in fact on New Earth at this time. The planet has raised her vibration to the 5th dimension. She is way ahead of us, and now she is helping us with our own ascension process. You attracted this knowledge to you because you are ready to receive it. You reading this is evidence of you vibrating at a high enough frequency to take in what I am putting out. You are ready to take a conscious role in collapsing some past timelines that are keeping you on the playground of Old Earth, so that you can expand beyond outdated games in the Old Earth and fully step into New Earth.

Today we are going to talk about relationships and timelines, the back and forth occurring for many of us at this time as we clear past relationship karma which I will refer to as Twin-Karma. I need to say this every time I use the word Karma for the sake of a true understanding of what Karma is. Too many misuse the word Karma. Karma is the law of cause and affect. Which is working with and connected to, all other Immutable Universal Laws. Simply stated, every action creates a reaction, like energy attracts like energy. I will talk more about these two points with examples that give you a picture, a mental image that might just create an AH-HA for you. I have had my own AH-HA'S that have allowed me to collapse multiple timelines and actually witness this as it happens, especially in recent interactions in my relationships and I am so excited about what this all revealed to me as I made proactive choices to honor myself, finally.

As a result of our vibration raising, our consciousness expands. When our consciousness expands we move into higher timelines. All of a sudden the world feels new. New possibilities open up right in front of us that were there all along, but hidden from view. Its a great feeling, and when you feel it there is no denying the flow of new energy in and around you. You are seeing a new reality available to you. You are being given a choice of a new timeline. When this happens lower timelines (where we have been resonating for a long, long time) will come up to offer us the opportunity to choose to stay where we have been living. New relationships which held new promise will mirror old relationship patterns, past events being mirrored back to us because we still hold the unhealed programming we chose in those past experiences.  These are old unhealed energies, are coming up to be resolved, brought into the light of the higher consciousness you are beginning to hold. These energies are ready to be transmuted into love, healed for once and all, so that the lower timeline where they occurred can collapse. The collapsing of the lower timeline does not mean it never happened, it means that the false stories you chose from the events in that timeline are healed, the truth about the experience revealed and you no longer need to play that game any more.

Facing these lower timeline energies as they arise with affirmative action that is centered in loving yourself and honoring yourself first is your goal. By doing so you are loving and honoring yourself and all others in the way we all deserved to be loved and honored. This is how we collapse the no-longer-needed timeline by honoring our self in every now experience. Every single past event that is unhealed in us holds karma, which is trapped energy of conditioned false beliefs about our self and the world. This trapped energy is a vibration, everything is a vibration. Energy vibrates, we are energy vibrating. The trapped energy in you is creating experiences for you so that it can be acknowledged, processed, released and transformed into new energy. Trapped energy is suffering energy. It is like rotting stagnant water with no where to flow, it's going to start to cause a stink so that you can clean it up. Your thoughts and beliefs are vibrations, they are burst of energy, and they are creative forces that are creating your reality all of the time, not some of the time, but all of the time.

Have you ever met a person that seems to always have everything work out for them? Did you experience jealousy and say why not me, or did you choose to pay attention to how this person operates in their relationships with others, see how they move through life, specifically the parts of life you seem to always get stuck on? If you chose the higher view, you would see that they honor themselves first in their relationships. Something you can do too. These people don't believe they are undeserving of being honored, they know their worth and move quickly away from anyone or anything that does not honor their worth. They can be mistaken as selfish by those who choose jealousy as their view.

To be clear, I am not talking about the narcissist here who does harm to others to get what they want in life. No, I am talking about the happy go lucky friend that always gets what they want in life while they treat others the way they deserve to be treated. These people walk away from toxic relationships at the first red flag. The person I am talking about, likely isn't reading this, because this is not their needed medicine, they are this medicine for the rest of us. They say no to what does not honor themselves in the initial events and create no karma around that event to be healed. They told themselves their worth the first time and did it moving. There was a time in their past where they were given the opportunity just like you were in your past to choose worth or lack of worth. They may have experienced being hurt, betrayed, lied to, cheated on, or just plain disrespected in the past too. The difference between them and most of us is that they didn't go back for seconds. They said no the first time. And it was natural for them to do so. We need these examples in our lives. Some of us play the role of what is possible for others our whole life. Encountering the same opportunities and choosing to honor ourselves naturally as an example of what living as a self honoring human looks like. Most of us came here to get hurt so we could heal and will enter into cycles that can play out all of our lives if we don't wake the hell up at some point, which is the whole point.

This entry is for those who didn't say no to low worth experiences. Those who entered into the cycles that created conditioning and accepted false beliefs about their worth in the initial and reoccurring events. This is for those of us who questioned our own worth in the initial event, accepted the treatment by another that did not honor all of our self and chose to play the game of victim duality. A game where we take turns being right and being wrong. All the while convincing ourselves more and more of how unworthy we are, while placing blame on the other in our relationships. What is wrong with me? Why does this always happen to me? Do these questions sound familiar to you? Or maybe you made affirmations like.. People are all liars, no one is faithful, everyone abandons me!

Often the initial event occurred in childhood, could be a memory stored so deep in your subconscious that you don't even remember it. An event where you began the false belief about being unworthy. Some find hypnosis as a path to going back to initial events to heal that event, therefor healing all events that followed. By simply changing the story they created around that initial event the whole story line is corrected and seen in truth as never being about your worth at all. This is one of many ways to heal false beliefs about your worth. There is a another way, where instead of starting at the original event, you can face a current event that is a mirror of the original event. When you heal at this now point, you heal all past events and collapse that timeline, that never was the truth of who you are, what you deserve, or your true worth.

By resolving these old timeline energies the old timeline collapses. Holding higher timeline consciousness in these emergence moments where your'e facing unresolved energies that hold past memories you are choosing the new timeline by saying NO, THIS DOES NOT HONOR ALL OF ME, and healing takes place right then and there. By not entering into and continuing past cycles you are collapsing old timelines. When these old timeline cycles show up, they should feel pretty familiar by now. Recognize them, trust that feeling in you that is saying... here we go again. And decide how you are going to show up for this experience. Are you going to show up in the same way you always have? Or are you going to show up as new you?! Going into battle over who is right and who is wrong, will hold you in lower timeline. Let go of right or wrong. Move away from defending and attacking. Those are old you. Just say no thank you, goodbye and move on.

You are the creator of these cycles And they are going to keep showing up for you until you get real about your role as the creator of your experiences. Want to change your experiences? Own the ones you have created and say once and for all NO to the ones you have been creating that keep showing up!

Say to yourself with full ownership... No more will I treat myself this way. No more will I pretend someone else is doing something to me. No more will I play the role of the used, mistreated, unheard, unseen, abandoned victim. No more will I feed my distorted beliefs about love being gained through my codependent nature that is false.

No more saying to yourself.. I am always mistreated. I am always abandoned. I am always neglected. No body likes me. I always lose. 

You become as addicted to to the drama that reinforces your victim beliefs as you do to the "I'm sorry's" and "making up" that happens every time you can prove that you have been treated badly. And you love being able to prove that someone treated you badly. Being a victim has become a badge of honor for you. There is a level of self defeating validation we feel when we can make someone else wrong and blame them for mistreating us. We look for it, look for that moment where you can say... You did me wrong, look what you did to me!!!

For those of us who chose to play the game of victim duality, we did so on purpose and with purpose. Not because we were less than, less evolved, less deserving, less anything. We chose this game because the game was the perfect path for us to experience our own awakening. It was what we wanted to experience. The experience of  being what we are not, to fully understand who we are. We wanted to be hurt so that we could heal, not just heal for us, but heal for the whole world. So don't be sitting there thinking badly of yourself for not making the right choice in the initial event, you did make the right choice for you, yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Moving right along now....

Forgive once, then let go and move on is the healthy way. Is what forgiveness is about in it's honest expression. And is how you will function as whole, healed you.  When you forgive in the first experience where you are not honored, you won't allow people to project their own victim cycles of unconscious programming on you anymore. You will become like a power ranger who blasts light into their unconscious programming that reveals things to them too when you honor yourself by walking away from what does not honor all of you.

I am not talking about traditional forgiveness here, I am talking radical forgiveness. Traditional forgiveness reinforces the victim archetype. Says "I was done wrong, I am the victim here, they are the bad guy, but I will forgiven them because I am the bigger person." Traditional forgiveness does not see the truth of the event. Traditional forgiveness sees you as one person (the good person) and them as another person (the bad person). Can you see how forgiveness as we've understood it in our lower levels of consciousness supports the victim archetype.

Radical forgiveness is the idea that no one is right or wrong. Sees the truth that you and I are both one and the same. We are two unique expressions of the one consciousness, offering our self and each other experiences for the sake of learning love. First love for our self--and by default--love for the other expression of our self being played by the person you are interacting with. Radical forgiveness is the recognition that I created this event for my own sake, for my own experience. I attracted to myself an event that would give me an experience full of opportunities to make choices about my own worth. Radical forgiveness is unity consciousness. Is the recognition of ones self in others. Is the knowing that all events are for the one and benefit the whole. That all roles, played by all players are played for all our sake.

With radical forgiveness we can experience pure gratitude for the experiences. We don't walk away from what does not honor us being angry, we walk away whole, full of love for choosing to honor our self and gratitude for the opportunity to do so. And we walk away without guilt for walking away. This is important to mention because when we choose to love ourselves fully by putting ourselves first, we are often afraid that makes us selfish, a bad person. We can get stuck in asking ourselves questions like, am I being a good friend here? Am I making a mistake? If I walk away from this person does that make me a mean person? Am I abandoning them? And those questions can lead to entering back into the cycles of victim duality.

Come into the knowing of the absolute truth that what is best for you is always what is best for all others involved. While they might not see it that way when it all goes down, trust that you choosing to love and honor yourself in all your relationships will be an example to others to do the same. Sometimes us leaving someone who is playing out unconscious games of victim-hood on us is the best thing we can do for them. It is always the best thing we can do for ourselves, and that is what these experiences are all about. Learning to love and honor our damn self!

Putting YOU FIRST!
Focusing on yourself first might feel so foreign initially. There is this idea that putting yourself first means forsaking others in your life. That is false. You will see this as you progress, trust that and continue to dismiss any thoughts that arise to tell you otherwise. Focusing on YOUR OWN inner work and healing process IS being in service to all of humanity. YOUR healing IS healing for the whole world. Loving YOURSELF fully is holding the energy of LOVE OF SELF for the WHOLE WORLD. Returning to an existence of being love happens when you let go of what does not honor you by choosing to love yourself fully. You go from learning self love to BEING LOVE and when YOU ARE LOVE, everything you touch experiences that love, and healing begins for them too. Sometimes that healing begins for them the minute you walk away. It is not our job to save anyone from themselves, we cannot do so. This is a free will zone, stop trying to save people from what they create, honor them too. Honor their choice to be the victim without judgement. This is about you choosing to honor yourself, and in doing so you begin to respect others paths to honoring themselves and no longer choose to suffer with them as some distorted from of loyalty. This has to be about you, because you are all that is and all that is, is you. 

You have to come into a divine sacred union within yourself before you can enter into a divine sacred union with another. And all these Twin-Karma clearings you are doing are serving you in reaching this state within yourself. You will come into alignment for sacred partnership with another when you vibrate at a frequency of divine sacred partnership within yourself. A sacred union partnership is a relationship between two whole individual expressions coming together as one. Two souls who have healed enough of their human, coming together in a healed partnership. There is very little, to no twin-karma to be worked out in these relationships. That doesn't mean you agree on everything, it means you no longer see holding different needs, wants, views as something negative. You no longer need someone and they no longer need you. You are not merged out of need. You merge out of pure want a recognized connection that does not need to be defined by old constraints and ideas about what love means. You fully support your partner in every way and they support you the same.  There is little to no need for duality games of right and wrong to be played in a sacred union partnership. A sacred union partnership is two whole souls coming together as one to enjoy traveling together the New Earth plain. Your partners happiness is as important to you as your own, with neither of your happiness being dependent on the other..

Past relationships with twin flames are relationships that offered us much to heal, we created karma in those relationships where we did not honor ourselves and blamed them for it. Now, when I use the word create, try not to think of this creation taking place outside of yourself. Try to imagine for the that all your experiences are created by you, for you. Try to understand the truth that thought always proceeds experience, it is never the other way around! And when I talk about karma created in these relationships, I am talking about what you create, your karma, not about the karma of the one who did you wrong and you stayed for more. We love to attach karma to the other, and rarely look at our own self created karma. Have you ever said... Karma will get them! Yeah, we love to use karma against others, let's move away from that together right here and now. We're working on ourselves now, we realize that changing others, or wishing revenge via karma on them is so yesteryear. So we're ready to get real about karma, we're ready to our own karma and clean up our side of the street. 

Your beliefs are creating your karma. Do you believe that your partner never listens to you? That you are never heard, never seen? That is your belief, own it. That belief is creating your experience. Your belief is the cause, and the experience of not being heard is the effect of your belief. If you are not being heard in real time, honor yourself in real time. Say, I need to be heard right now. Ask to be honored in what you need. If your partner, friend, family member refuses to hear you, then honor yourself by letting go and moving on. And do so with gratitude for the opportunity to hear yourself, and make the choice to honor yourself. Remember they really represent an unresolved aspect of you. So resolve it. And if they are meant to be in your life they will see you honoring yourself and will follow suit. Weather you work things out together, or separate, the goal is always to honor yourself. and when you honor yourself you are honoring others. That's just the way it works.

Believing oneself a victim leads to attracting more twin-karma relationships to mirror those beliefs back to you. In every twin flame relationship you were given a choice to be loving toward yourself, choosing to honor your self first, saying no to what was not in your highest good and forgiving the other with gratitude for the opportunity they gave you to put yourself first and affirm your worth. The longer you have played the role of victim the more resistance you are going to have to this notion. In fact long-time victims rarely consider themselves victims at all. We will say things like... I am no ones victim. I am a survivor. Trust me, we are emerging from an era of being victims. We all have a little victim mindset in us. The unconscious victim cannot accept love. They do not believe in it. How can you believe in something being given to you, that you do not even give yourself? You cannot, and you will not accept love from another until you love yourself and even when someone really loves you, and is not treating you badly, you will find a way to make them do so. As you heal you will realize where you did this in past relationships. 

Even if someone shows up who is healed and whole. Someone who is living consciously and loves themselves fully comes along to love you, you will not believe it. You cannot see it. You will refuse to accept it. And you will find a way to be the victim of even that person who offers you everything you say you want, because you don't really want, what your story of being the victim, says you do not deserve. How could you believe in something that you, yourself have never experienced. And you cannot experience someone else giving you what you refuse to give to yourself. When this occurs, the person showing up to give multidimensional, unconditional love may have some residual karma of their own and are ready for a final clearing and you get to help them collapse their timelines by trying to make them your villain, they face their old false programming one more time and get to say their final NO MORE, collapsing all old timelines. And you get a glimpse of what true love feels like, helping you recognize it in the future when you are ready to receive it.

Remember we are playing beautiful roles for each other. It looks like this is all happening to us when we are in our unconscious lower timelines. As you begin to climb timelines and align with higher versions of yourself, becoming the healed, awakened, ascended human, will see the game as it is being played. You begin to recognize that all the players are in truth you. Its freaking rad when this begins to happen. I am truly mind blown when I see it and I see it more clearly each time, it is almost all I see today.

I am very blessed today, abundant in love filled, supportive relationships. I have attracted a safe inner circle where we get to work through our karma together when it arises. And we are usually highly aware of what we are doing and who we are being while doing what we are doing. We often burst into laughter mid experience with the realization of what is really happening and the roles we are playing for each other in our debates, discussions, disagreements.

Imagine having an argument with a loved one. You're both heated. Playing the old blame games that are almost foreign to you now. Your'e even questioning your own position, and actually felling frustrated with yourself more than you are with them. Something feels so unauthentic in you, in your words as you say them. Your vibration being low is so uncomfortable to you, but you feel pulled into this lower vibration regardless of your own frustrations with how you are behaving. You can hear yourself and are thinking WTF am I saying, why am I using these words, who am I right now?  Your'e playing this old role almost involuntarily and so are they. And then all of a sudden in the middle of a heated arguing, you both begin laughing uncontrollably, because in that instant, you both see it. You both recognize the truth. And, you both feel the release taking place of old programming. It is flipping awesome when it happens. There is this feeling of immense gratitude that floods you both, and you laugh till you are crying in each others arms sometimes. My sister and I have experienced this. We also have experienced the beginning of going into something that does not matter, looking at each other without even a word being spoken and laughing our asses off because we both know what almost happened. We are the safest place to work things out and we have so much fun with it these days.

This happens with two awakening souls who are a vibrational match for instantaneous release and healing work through twin-karma together. These are our safe relationships for working out our demons so to speak. This happening in a twin flame relationship is possible when both are at a point of healing and take self accountability for their experiences. Neither in this example can spend time in the victim mind more than a moments at a time. This does not happen with twin-karma  relationships where one is consciously self accountable and the other is still holding strong to being the unconscious victim and seeking to reinforce their own ideas of being the poor victim. If you continue to try to save the unconscious victim because you can see the struggle they are trying to break free from, and trying to hold on to, you will begin to lower your own vibration in an attempt to raise theirs. And this will not work out well for either of you. 

These twin-karma relationship experiences must be cleared to create space for sacred union partnerships which can only occur for the "whole, healed you". Like energy attracts like energy. Everything is energy. You are energy. Your beliefs are energy. And you are always attracting like energy to you. Get into a place of true ownership of what you are attracting, because what you attract is your creation and your creation alone. Beliefs are chronic thoughts. Want to change your beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you? Start thinking new thoughts about yourself and think them a lot. Make thinking new thoughts about yourself an obsession. And be prepared, because as you get obsessed with creating new beliefs about yourself, your long held beliefs of being less than worthy will resist. As you persist to think new thoughts that create new beliefs, your old beliefs will fight you in various ways. Keep going baby, these new thoughts are going to literally transform your reality and move you into new timelines. Creating a whole new life for you.

 The more you persist, the more time you will begin to spend in the new timelines available to you. Likewise the more you persist, the less the old beliefs will resist. But in the beginning it's a bit messy. More than a bit, honestly. It looks like a complete breakdown. Because it is a complete breakdown of old programming that took years to create. You are breaking down the false stories that hold you in a timeline of suffering, of being the victim, and this requires you to lose your mind and move into your heart. It's ugly, I'm not going to lie. Breaking down is not pretty. And you will get feedback about it trust me. If you begin this process and then abort it, it will get even uglier. Thought everyone abandoned you before? They all will now. So you can get back on track to fully breaking down and losing your entire mind, hahahahaaaaa. Sorry to laugh, it is funny when you look back on it. We are like teenagers in the old timelines, everything is the end of the world, and everything usually turns out just fine. You have to trust that your breaking down is really YOU BREAKING THROUGH. And JUST keep going. You are shifting realities here. This is serious shit you are dealing with. And the aspects of you, that you are dissolving are energy too, and they want to exist, they believe they are going to die, cease to exist and they fight like anything dying fights to survive. 

We're actually witnessing this in the world today. Old consciousnesses is dissolving, thinks its going to die, and is fighting to regain power, to survive. But let's not focus on the world, that is too heavy of a burden and honestly serves as a huge distraction from you doing your own work.


Remind yourself of this truth as you break down, so that you can truly break through. Nothing dies. Energy cannot die, it only changes form. So the aspects of yourself that fight not to die, will learn that death was never their final destination, transformation is. A new beginning, a rebirth, a new existence. New Earth Awaits these aspects of your self that fight you, so be diligent and heal through these twin-karma relationships as they arise. Say your NO for once and for all. Forgive radically with great gratitude for the opportunity given to you by another aspect of yourself showing up to mirror past energies, beliefs back to you, let them go and move on.

The battle was never out there. It has always been within us. To truly move into New Earth, live in higher dimensions and experience Heaven On Earth we must go within to fight the real battle taking place. Every single relationship we have, or have had represents an aspect of our self. What aspects of your self are you attracting to you? Can you see that these aspects are playing a role for you, giving you the opportunity to make a choice. Start choosing to honor yourself, until self honor is all that shows up. This battle is taking place in every single one of us on this planet RIGHT NOW! This is a pivotal moment in our history as a species. The planet herself is going through this moment with us. This is the moment of awakening to higher consciousness. 

Full transparency is happening here and now. The new era we have entered into does not support deception and all that is false in us will be revealed to us for the sake of healing. All that is false in us individually and collectively is being mirrored back to us immediately. The wars in the world, that's us, we did that, it was our level of consciousness that created the wars in the world. We did all this, again and again. And now we are ready to heal all that we have done, and all that has been done to us in our many lifetimes. We no longer need karma, we have played every role there is to play and we are ready to move from a limited duality reality into unity consciousness, where we understand that what we do to another, we are doing to ourselves. As within, so without.

Call yourself a victim in your relationships and you will create victims. Victims find and create victims, victors find and create victors. Are you ready to recognize these cycles and the choices they offer you? Yes you are! You wouldn't even be readying these words right now if you weren't ready. Let's get real, this is a long ass blog, so if you are still reading at this point, you are more than ready to make the leap into higher timelines and once and for all collapse all the timelines that no longer serve you. Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Congrats! You are a multidimensional superstar who is doing exactly what you came here to do!

I love you all from a place of immense gratitude for all the twin flames in my life who showed up to help me heal my own twin karma. You gave me the chance to say my NO MORE and collapse timelines for myself. You have played your promised roles perfectly and allowed me to experience my own letting go and moving on. Thank you so much, see you on the other side my friends.

One Love,

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