Saturday, November 4, 2017

Love is my religion.

Every once in a while someone contacts me to warn me of my own loss of salvation due to not being a Christian. Some are very specific in naming my sins; supporting Gay rights is a big one used often. I am so confused by this at times, how we can judge how another loves. How we have been so conditioned to see love as the enemy, as evil. There are other judgements cast at me by those claiming to only be saving my soul. I have also lost friends, or lost closeness with friends, simply because we believe differently, pray differently, practice differently. My speaking of love and unity; sharing how I connect with God through nature, animals, my brothers and sisters who are of different religions, and love all who live different lifestyles. And speaking up for equality, peace, and loving all our neighbors. My use of oils, crystals, natural medicine, somehow connect me to evil, make me an enemy to some who once loved me and knew me to be the same as them, someone seeking to live the truth as I feel it, as I know it within.

I assume all things are true, and I choose what feels true for me while loving others while they figure out what is true for them. I acknowledge that my truth is not necessarily anothers truth, and our truths are not necessarily the whole truth. Shouldn't we all be free to seek our truth out without judgement or being ostracized. At least we are not in the past where any who chose their own path were in threat of being burned or beheaded. We have evolved that much, can we evolve past the need to call any the enemy.

I follow the teachings of all the awakened Christs. Of Yeshua also known as Jesus. Of Buddha as well, we have a really cool relationship too. I have studied many belief systems, and found truth in them all. I have also found what does not resonate as truth to me. Studying these different beliefs and the history behind them has actually brought me to stop seeking the truth in books and religions and led me to look within myself, as guided by each enlightened master that these books and religions teach about.

"The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." ~Jesus Christ as quoted by Luke 17 20-21

Waiting for a savior to appear outside ourselves and save us from ourselves, one able to be perceived with our 5 limited senses, feels like turning away from the Christ within to me, fulfilling the bibles own prophecy in Revelations that in end times Christians would turn away from the Christ whilst believing themselves followers of Christ. Not only are many turning away from the Christ within, they are judging, condemning,  turning their back on the Christ in their neighbors as well. I feel like the bible was a brilliant way to manipulate the teachings of Jesus to avoid his prediction that one day we would awaken to our own Inner Christ in masses and many would do more together than he did in his life. I believe he pointed us to the second coming of Christ as a global event of us all coming to the truth of the Christ within ourselves.

Yeshua, the man, awakened to the Christ within and taught us that we were capable of the same. He spoke against religious control and corruption that separates us from our God selves. He did not create religion. And I do not believe he would have stood beside those who did create religion and ordered, and committed, the murder of all who did not convert to a religion created to again separate us from our God selves and create dependence on the church to connect with God, rather than direct us to where Jesus and all other enlightened masters directed us to go to find the kingdom of God, within ourselves.

I don't always read the bible, but when I do I read the red. I love the teachings of Jesus in the bible. And I strive to love the Creator with all my heart, love my neighbor as myself and seek the kingdom of Heaven within as he taught according to the bible. I do not call myself a Christian. When I turned away from studying outside myself and followed the very teachings of Jesus in the Bible and looked within I discovered the Christ within that I Am and You Are. This allowed me to feel the truth as it was shown to me, the truth that you and I are the living body of Christ. This inner knowing revealed to me gives me the grace, strength, and courage to live and speak the truth which sets me free.

Free to have no enemies. Free to not use a religion as a cloak to mask my own judgements and trespasses against my neighbors. Free from the fear that religion once bound me in.  How can we call ourselves followers of Christ while shutting our doors and borders to our neighbors in need. How can we call ourselves followers of Christ while indifferent to the suffering of the hungry, homeless, poor, elderly, innocent victims of terrorism committed by a greedy government that we support? How can we fear any evil, name any enemy and believe our God to be an almighty God and life eternal in His glory?

Turning away from the Christ within allows us to create enemies without and turn away from the Christ in our neighbors. Believing one self chosen and saved by label, affiliation, and baptism to a religion, forgiven again and again for not living as the Christ within. Religion is used to justify the sins of itself and condemn neighbors who do not convert.

No matter what religious text you do or do not follow, you are my neighbor, my brother, my sister. You are in my heart; the Living Christ Consciousness Äwãkênïnğ to the truth of who WE ARE. And you are free to live your truth. I am not here to convert you to anything, and will not turn my back on you or call you enemy because we pray or believe differently. You are my neighbor and in my heart I see God in YOU. I do not need to change you, nor will I deem you the enemy or condemned.

I feel true teachings when the teacher is one who points us toward our own divinity and God Self.
Teachings that empower. Point to our wholeness and the connectedness we share with all that is. True teachers see you in truth, as equal to themselves when empowered to know thyself. Direct us to awaken our own inner knowing, connection to God. True teachers see God, Source, Prime Creator in everything and everyone and illuminate that truth simply by being in their presence.

I feel false teachings create dependence upon themselves while dividing, conquering and controlling with ideas of right and wrong, good and evil. I have felt the affects of this division in the judgements cast my way for walking my own path to God because I won't take a side, claim a religion or belief system. It hurts to lose friends. I have experienced deep pain over the loss of friends who turn away from me out of fear of me simply because we are walking different paths towards God. We may worship and believe differently but aren't we both seeking the same, a connection with God. It hurts to be judged, even more so to be feared by one who once called me sister and knows my true heart. But this pain has been a great gift. I did not turn away from this pain, and I chose not to let it become anger toward someone I still love and consider my soul family. Rather I chose to fully feel it and ask it what it had to teach me. I went again, within.

My pain over loss of closeness that I once shared with those I love so deeply still, taught me so much. For that I am truly grateful. I learned through the experience the power that fear can hold over us, and how it can divide us, not only from each other, but also from practicing the essential teachings we ourselves preach. As I was turned away from, I was guided even more to turn within myself for answers, strengthening my own relationship with the Creator, and my own Christ Self. I was strengthened in power of love and my courage to continue on my path and speak my truth grew stronger. I gained much from the loss I felt. We often do.

I believe that if we all simply followed the teachings of the enlightened masters who are spoke of by the religions of the world we choose to follow, that we would discover the Christ within ourselves or at least model the Christ we claim to follow. We would not need to judge or condemn others path to God. We would not need to control how others choose to live. We would simply follow the essential teachings that lead us to be the Christs that we are. We wouldn't busy ourselves in blame and judgement because we would be living as all the enlightened Christs lived.

A world where we weren't busying ourselves with pointing out the enemy everywhere, rather pointing out the God in everyone and everything, could you imagine what kind of a world we would create?! For me, religion does a lot of pointing out the enemy, giving it's followers so many warnings to fear. If there is a devil where is it evidenced? In those seeking God on their own path doing no harm, or in those who have judged, condemned and murdered those who seek God on their own path?

I love you all from a place of gratitude for all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Through interacting with and being who I am not, I am remembering who I am. I have learned that the world outside myself turning away from me led me to go within to find myself. So grateful for meeting God inside of me and in pure gratitude for those who helped me go within to discover my unfolding truth.

One Love,

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