Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 11/11 Gateway, November 11th 2017

◇Gateway Energies◇

Let's talk about November 11th, 2017!
Let's talk about ascending into a much higher version of ourselves!
But first let's talk about Integrity and Worthiness, because these are keys to the gateway we are entering today!

We have entered into many new energy gateways, however, this one is quite unique. This one is not as simple as previous ones, which felt more like boosts, and they were exactly that. This gateway, or porthole as we often refer to these events, is so very different. I am going to use "gateway" for this upgrade of energies, because this one is not really a boost at all. It is a right of passage that has to be earned to be fully accessed. I have felt this coming even before I knew what it was. So clearly, within my own self, the guidance I have received on this gateway has come with clear confirmation from every direction--now is the time to come into full integrity and higher self-worth.

This gateway requires integrity of self to fully access the energies being offered. Lack of integrity of self allows the energies to work with us in different ways, helping us to get in alignment with integrity of self. The key words for this time are integrity and worthiness. These words that kept coming up for me in every meditation, every channeled message, every card reading, everywhere I looked within and without. guided to be in deep integrity in all my bodies, in all my thoughts, words and actions. I have spent most of this year letting go of what does not serve my true worth, and what is not in alignment with integrity within myself.

I want to be very clear of what I mean when I speak about worth and integrity. So many offer us a road map so to speak, a guide of all the things we must do to ascend into higher consciousness. Some will say yoga, some will say vegetarian eating, etc. There are all these ideas around spiritual ascensions, and ego takes on a spiritual identity of better-than-ness. Ascension is not something that happens because you wore the right clothes, practiced the right practices, ate the right food, abstained from this or that. When I speak of integrity and worth I am talking about something so much simpler. I am talking about loving ourselves as we are, perfect in our now expression of ourselves. I am talking about knowing yourself as an enlightened being of light, right now.

You see, there is no fulfillment in self-improvement when self-improvement is a desire to be more worthy of something. If there is a belief of lack of worth attached to any goal, reaching the goal will only render temporary satisfaction. You will move toward a goal with an idea that reaching it will give you the feeling of worth you are missing, only to discover that you need another goal to aspire toward to again feel worthy.

The kind of integrity and worthiness I am talking about in this entry, is what happens when we come into full alignment with the truth that we are good now. There is nothing missing now. Everything we wish we were, we already are now. This is the truest form of worth, and leads to living the truest form of integrity. If you know your God-Self how can you act any way other than Godly?!

First, I would like to talk about the numerical vibrations of this galactic gateway that kicks off today on 11/11/2017. This date is significant on so many levels numerically. First, the year 2017 carries the vibration of 10, making it a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10). Many deduce down to the lowest digit. When 10 is present I like to include the 0, because it is the God Force/Source Force number that amplifies all numbers with source energy, signifying it's divinity and direct connection to guidance and support coming in directly from God/Source/Prime Creator/Universe/Great Spirit. It really doesn't matter what name you use to describe the ONE CREATOR. We will soon be letting go of a need to name God, because we are going to begin seeing God in ourselves, each other, and all that is AS ONE.

Being that 2017 is a "1" year signifies beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. 2016 was a "9" year, which signified endings, death and letting go. It is hugely significant when we look at all that occurred in our own lives, and in the world as a whole during 2016. What we experienced and witnessed in 2016 might have felt like the beginning of the end for many, and rightly so. Aside from the personal changes many underwent, varying from career endings, relationships of all kinds ending, aspects of the self and beliefs held, suddenly shattering, etc... On a global scale we witnessed something that many felt like doom and/or evidence of the end of times, hahahahahaa, Sorry to laugh, it is funny when you get to see it from a NEW perspective. It's funny how we CREATE evil. Yes we do that. We are that powerful, and oh so creative!

What we are witnessing and taking part in is the death of duality--a level of consciousness that has served it's purpose and is dying. Anything that senses itself dying will fight to survive. The death of the era of the distorted masculine, is what is taking place. The divine feminine has returned and is rising within us to heal the distorted masculine, creating balance of the divine masculine and feminine within ourselves, and then the world as a whole. The death of duality consciousness is what we are witnessing. With 2017 comes new birth and new beginnings. For those of us who have been consciously working on our ascension, letting go of the dying consciousness within ourselves has allowed for miraculous life changes to occur. Those who have been fighting this death of what no longer serves them, have had a much rougher reality unfolding, likely experiencing much struggle and loss. We are seeing what has been hidden in us, and the world, getting exposed daily. This is how rebirth takes place. This is what is darkness coming into the light, so that healing can happen, and a new world built, looks like!

The 11/11/10 Gateway energy carries another vibration with it, the vibration of 5 plus 0 (1+1+1+1+1+0=5). Where we are on our journey of coming into alignment and merging with our higher self, living as soul, either actively seeking ascension and enlightenment or fighting to stay the same, determines which vibration we access more strongly. Think of this gateway as a series of gates and we hold all the keys to all the gates within ourselves. We must discover these keys to access the next gate. The energy of 5 multiplied by the God Force number 0 carries the energy of change to help us with the internal changes needed to find the keys inside of us.

We have been entering into an age of full disclosure for some time now, an era of transparency. What is dark is being brought into the light and exposed. This is occurring within every individual on the planet, as well as being evidenced in the collective consciousness. What is false in us and in the world, will continue to be exposed. There is no getting around this. There is no gain in hiding what is out of integrity, like there was in the dying era where we benefited from experiencing ourselves as the opposite of what we are. Being dishonest with ourselves and others, is very difficult, if not impossible at this time. This will only increase as we move forward. We are all waking up to our power as intuitive beings. We feel when things are not of the truth, no matter how things are packaged or what manipulations are used. Our gift of feeling the truth vs. a deception is constantly increased in this new era. Therefor, what is hidden will come to light in one way or another for all of us and the world as a whole.

This galactic gateway is unique in that there is a level of worthiness needed to fully access this transformation energy; not worth determined by something outside of yourself. It is the kind of self-worth and self-worthiness that only comes from living in alignment with integrity of the true self. Access to this energy is granted in stages based on your level of integrity.

For those of us who have been actively seeking a path of integrity in all we think, say and do, being in alignment with a higher version of self, this will be a time to come into our positions as guides for others with leadership roles being fully owned. You will no longer need to say who you are or how you know what you know. You will simply be who you are and know what you know, with no need to engage in defense or attack of anything. You will value your time and energy to a whole new degree, spending it wisely. New paths will open up leading us, with clear guidance, allowing us to walk our path as agreed upon when we accepted the contract to be the way-showers, gate keepers, light bearers, system busters, healers, and peaceful warriors of the shift of consciousness taking place. Things will begin to happen fast in the months ahead, especially kicking off strong in the new year of 2018, which is an 11/2 year. I am especially excited about 2018 as I am a life path 11/2. I will be celebrating my 49th birthday, the ending of my 7th, 7-year cycle. This last year has been full of many challenges, as I am also an 11th hour personality, and just love to save all the hard work for the last strokes of the clock.

For those who have been holding strong in lower density and resisting your own awakening, the "5" vibration will assist you in facing the turbulence ahead, which intended to help you let go. Learning to let go of the known and walk boldly into the unknown, can be a painful process. Many of us must experience letting go involuntarily, experiencing loss, for the sake of learning how to let go. Rest assured that there is nothing you can do wrong in any of this. You simply chose the path of more resistance, and therefor get to experience a most beautiful letting go that will gift you with immense healing opportunities. We all get to where we are meant to go in our own way. All ways flowing into light, transmuting into creative love energy.

I understand it's difficult for many to look within and own responsibility for where we are individually. It is even harder to own where we are as a whole. We've been conditioned to look without and judge the world around us. We haven't been taught our true role and the power we hold in creating the world we live in. We've become addicted to feeling better about ourselves through various ways. Facing our self in the mirror and owning our power is a process of unlearning what we thought we knew, to make room for the truth.

Projection. Judgement. Denial. Addiction. Consumerism. Misplaced Values. Justifications. These are some of the things we use to avoid looking at ourselves. We all do it. We're conditioned to do it. Even the kindest, most non-confrontational, peaceful among us have used these things to avoid our own trespasses.

Ever lie to someone? I have. And I justified my lies. Ever give someone more value than others based on what they have to offer you? I have. And I've justified this too. In every event we witness that triggers feelings and emotions in us, there are clues, something being mirrored back to us. We experience anger over being lied to, over being undervalued, unappreciated. We seldom ask ourselves if we do these things ourselves, because we have our justifications for why we have done them. When we do these things we store them away deep inside us, in the top secret box, hiding it even from ourselves in our unconscious.

How am I responsible for the sexual abuse being exposed in Hollywood? For the corruption in government? For the mass shootings? For the racial injustice? For the terrorism in the world? For the greed? These are big questions to ask ourselves, however, we are big souls full of transformative gifts. We are resilient in nature and ready to face ourselves in the real mirror and answer these questions honestly, with loving, radical forgiveness. If we begin by asking ourselves how we created our own life circumstances, we are naturally guided to see things on a bigger scale and own our responsibility for the world as a whole. Begin there if you have not yet recognized the truth that you are creating the reality you are experiencing, with the level of consciousness that you are holding.

In every event taking place in the world, there is something that can be found inside ourselves that contributes to the level of consciousness that creates these events. We are ready to see the truth that we are all connected as one. The truth is that what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. We have been living in consciousness that only cares about what affects us personally. It is time to put ourselves in others shoes. Who do you blame? Can you step into their shoes and gain understanding and compassion through empathy? Can you connect with the one you blame? Who do you need to be wrong so that you can be right? Can you open up to contemplating their point of view? Discovering what triggers us and facing that within ourselves is key. Shifting from fighting against what we see as wrong, to resonating love toward all that is, is what is happening here. Fighting for or against something is evidence of holding duality, a lower consciousness programming. There is no battle outside ourselves, the battle is within.

We are being pushed to recognize our distorted values, and to get out of our victim-mind ideas that lead to justifying our own thoughts, words and actions that help support the way we believe things are. Do we hold racist views while we scream racism with our fingers pointed at others? What are we placing blame on? Where can we be the change? Do we ourselves hold sexist views? Do we base our values as women on our sexual appearance and abilities? Do we violate ourselves to be touched? What I mean by this is, do we allow ourselves to enter into intimacy with others out of desire to experience human contact, to be touched, to be loved, to be accepted, to be acknowledged? Sexual intimacy is a good example of how we interact with energies. Are we coming from a place of need, lack, and looking for someone else to complete us? Or are we whole and in ownership of divine sexual energy, discerning of how we spend it, and who we enter into sacred union with? There are so many questions to ask ourselves, and the key is that these examples are either personal for you, or there are others that are. The primary goal is to look at ourselves honestly and get in alignment with integrity within ourselves. Maybe it is addiction that has you out of alignment with integrity, food, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex,.. Which one triggered you? Start there.

The time of using titles, affiliations, possessions, and appearances as evidence of our worth is behind us now. We will be shown every false idea of self we hold. The more we hold to the false ideas of the self, the more suffering we bring upon ourselves and the more suffering we create in the world. We are not our religions. We are not our professions. We are not our bank accounts, the cars we drive, or the houses we live in. We are none of these things. We are not the amount of likes and followers we acquire on social media. We are not the brands we have created to make ourselves stand out. We are none of these things. We are each other. We can see ourselves in each other, in the world as a whole, in all life that exists on this planet and the planet herself.  We will know ourselves as all-that-is, when we are living in integrity, we fully align with the truth of who we are as One, as God.

There is a call from within right now. You hear it. You feel it. You wouldn't even be reading this right now if you didn't. That call is the call to live in integrity, it's a call to clean up your own side of the street. You have had enough of the ways of the world, and you have grown tired, and hopeless in some cases, due to giving all of your focus to what is occurring outside of yourself, without looking at how it relates to what is inside of you. I have heard this call. I have been following the call for some time now, and I can honestly say to you, that I am doing the most important work of my life. From the outside it could appear to those I have history with, that I am doing nothing with my life. I mention this, because you will experience reactions from others in your life as you shift purpose and change course. I used to have a lot of popularity. I used to make a lot of money. I used to be a public speaker who trained on how to reach goals that related to attachments that I no longer hold today. To some it could appear that I have given up and lost my edge. My game appears to be gone, because I walked away from a path that I once excelled in. Hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa I cannot help but laugh as I type these words. I felt all those things about myself, too, as I fought to stay on the path I was on. The truth is, I traded in work that was based in values that cannot sustain me, to do the real work I came here to do in this lifetime. I have never felt more abundant, more whole,  and more secure than I do today.

There are changes ahead that will challenge you, these changes will also strengthen you. Every challenge out there that you face is really an internal challenge presenting itself in physical reality, so that your ego mind, and physical body can experience an awakening in the full sense of the word awakening. Oh, trust me, we came here to experience this awakening fully, all of it, including the most challenging and painful parts. This 11/11 gateway will penetrate every aspect of you. The parts we've avoided confronting will be before us at every turn now. Just remember the word integrity. Make integrity your greatest intention. Live intending integrity each day, one day at a time.

You will begin to really enjoy the world show. False prophets will look sillier and sillier. The energy of transparency will multiply more and more, and what is false will look more and more ridiculous. You will see fear for what it is. It will be like someone serving you a plate of rotting food. The smell will be repugnant and you will no longer swallow it whole. You won't even be able to dine at the same tables where you once dined, the tables where fear is served. Your environment is going to undergo a massive transformation to lead you to your new tribe, and awaken the path your true purpose. You will learn how to let go of the old and process any emotions that are triggered when letting go is needed.

I could go on and on. There is so much to share right now, however I think I have given you enough for today. I will end with saying that I love you all from the most profound place I have ever experienced. This place is so expansive and there is so little limitation here. I am excited to face what is left in me that keeps me held in a lack of integrity and come into full balance myself. We are doing this together! how exciting is that?

One Love,

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