Painting One Love

Paint Day
February 23rd 2012
So today is Paint Day, the day we start painting the One Love Trailer.  Before we get started while I am waiting on my friends to be ready I am going to take a trip down to Home Depot in Antioch and see if just maybe there has been some more mistakes :)  You never know.  So I thought I would ask my friends reading this to cross your fingers with me and wish me some Primer for Aluminum and/or exterior paint mistakes, hahaha.  Hey bigger wishes have came true, this one can too.

We'll know soon, see you in a bit!

Yaaaaay Paint Day!

Okay, so there is good news and there is good news.  I try to consider all news good news these days, after all what I used to consider bad news usually happened for a reason I could not see yet, or ever better was a chance to do it better the next time.

The good news is there were some mistakes, in fact one of the mistakes was a 5 gallon exterior in the color of an Olive Green, totally workable, yippee.  There was also a gallon of another green in exterior and a quart of a creme in exterior, awesome right.  Thank you for crossing your fingers with me.

The other good news is it is to windy here to paint, so we have to postpone for a less windy day.  While I did not get to paint today I found mistakes, and we all know I love mistakes.

Maybe tomorrow there will be some primer or maybe some red or yellow exterior I will dream about it.  In the mean time I am going to work on drawing my picture in pencil so we have a clearer picture to visualize and guide, I will post it here when it is done.

Thank you all for tuning in to help lift positive thought and 
wishes for the One Love Journey 2012, love all of you big time.
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We Got This!

Peace and Love

Imagination Tools Rock!

Okay so I finished a quick sketch of the tree in my mind, now I am gonna run on down to Home Depot and pick up the Mistake paint I found earlier and put on hold.  I'm crossing my fingers again that there will be more paint, you never know.  BTW, anyone reading this please don't help out with intentional mistakes, we want this artwork to be good genuine mistakes, you feel me, I hope so.  Thank you every one and have a blessed day!  Talk to you soon, here is the rough sketch, it's not much I did it in about 20 minutes just to have a visualization tool for my positive thoughts it is however kinda what I see for the Tree.  Love ya!

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One Love Journey 2012
Hippie Adventures Continues

Just got back from Hope Depot, what a great visit.  I picked up the Mistake Paint on hold.  There were no new mistakes, however I met some new friends and enjoyed more of the outstanding customer service that this super friendly store has yet to lack in any way.  
Cynthia thank you for being so helpful and nice!

Cynthia my cashier was super sweet, she took her time, was interested in the sketch I was holding of the tree, happily listened while I told her about this Journey.  While talking to Cynthia I met another family who got in line behind us and when I apologized for taking so long, they said "No Worries, we are in no hurry" and continued having a good time in line with their kids, I was so impressed with their energy and lack of irritation with waiting behind me that I gave them the blog address and asked them to email me so I can notify them of the day we put our hands on the tree I would love for them to join us in seeing me off with the first sets of hand prints on the tree.  It is families like them that make my heart warm, they were bursting with happiness, their kids were laughing and you could tell that they had a good grasp on quality family time.
Stanley treated me like Family!

 Since I cannot lift a 5lb bucket of paint I was escorted out by a lovely gentleman who was really down to earth and just a nice guy.  He lifted the paint in to the back of Colleens car for me, said "God bless you on your journey" and was nice enough to take the handicap cart I drove out back in for me.  Thank you so much Stanley you rock!  Antioch Home Depot Rocks, they should start charging me rent with all the time I occupy in there these days, hahahaha.

My time here is almost up and I will have to find a new Home Depot, I will miss this one I have to say.  The employees here are really something special and made my stay Great!!  Thanks Guys, see you tomorrow, haha!

A Great Day To Paint
February 24th 2012

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Finding serenity in nature
It looks like a great day to paint, a mild breeze blows softly through the many trees surrounding me.  I am in awe of the beauty around me today.  looking out my windows all around me birds are singing, flowers are blooming and life is happening.  I snapped a couple shots of the awesome view.

I started my morning with a great conversation with Kirsten and she asked me a question, she said "Well that was great as usual. Love the positive energy. I think your right when you are only with yourself and you choose to be happy it is possible for it to happen. My question is how do you stay happy when you have people around you that you HAVE to deal with and they bring you down. Then it is very hard to stay positive all the time. Just Saying!"   I thought about it for a second and quickly remembered the lessons tab and my post called "Giving, taking and accepting".  We talked much on this subject and she liked my idea of saying the Serenity Prayer every time she is faced with this dilemma.  If nothing else it will give her time to think before reacting, more so it will give her time to remember that things out of her control are not worth giving up her power over.

plum tree, one love, jojowilliams
Bloomed almost overnight, beautiful!

While she offered me a question she also reminded me to start my day owning my emotions.  Which followed into a conversation with my Sister that led to me calling My Mother. I had been thinking about my Mother all week, this morning especially.  I just spent nearly two hours talking to my Mother, a woman who has tried for 30 years to build a relationship with me that I would not allow out of my own determination to punish myself and her.

Today I am bursting with love for my Mother and grateful she allowed me to spend time on the phone with her laughing and crying together.  I look forward to becoming a better daughter and
making some amends of my own to her, she deserves it and it is long over due.

I got off the phone and noticed this bird in particular signing right outside my window and was blessed to be able to capture a shot of the moment, previous attempts have failed, lol.
Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing
is going to be Alright!

It is a great day to paint, I am going to get ready to begin.  Be back later with some fun paint pictures to share. The birth of One Love Mobile Art Work begins today, soon many hand prints will grow on the Tree that's branches will cover One Love from front to back, side to side, top to bottom.  I am blessed.  Thank you for joining me this morning.  I love you.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, birds, blue birds, animal totems
Wow, that is all I can say about this moment in my life

As I am getting ready to paint, and listening to my morning playlist the birds seem to be enjoying some Bob Marley, The Beatles, Joseph Arthur and Whitney Housten "I didn't know my own strength" among many other artist I have on my morning playlist.  They are every where and really getting close to me, it's pretty cool. They don't seem to mind me taking some pictures this morning.  They almost seem to be showing off for me today, it is quite a show and I am touched.  Thank you beautiful Birds!

The air is alive with song today, natures song!

I have to say I feel very happy right now and these beautiful birds just seem to be bringing me a message of more happiness to come, I think somehow they know I like them am on a journey in life now.


Team Work
February 24th, 2012

Ready to begin a significant part of my Journey

And the fun began.  Colleen did the honors of breaking open the 5 gallon of beautiful Mistake Exterior Green paint. As we got our brushes ready we decided what would be the best plan of attack.  Colleen's two boys were anxious to join in on the painting fun and stood anxiously with brushes in hand.

mistake green paint from home depot, onelovejourney2012, one love journey, one love paint, painting one love, paint day, jojo williams
Colleen does the honors

Get'n Er Done, lol

I worked mostly on the bottom half, took turns standing and sitting as doing either to long is not good for me.  I was ready to push myself and be an active part of making my vision of a One Love Tree to signify One World, One People living with One Love come to life.

My little Rainbow maker getting his artist.
The fist step was laying the base paint, so we began.
It felt good to be working toward a positive goal for a good cause, I have good feelings about the tree and look forward to watching it take on a life of it's own as each layer of paint is brushed on My One Love Trailer which has become Our Canvas for a Journey to heal all Our hearts.

This hard working young Man is my Rainbow maker, as we sat in the sun a couple weeks ago watching the clouds and sun battle for space in the sky we decided to wish for the sun to win.  He told me to make it happen you have to say your wish in your head with your eyes closed.  We both closed our eyes and made our silent wishes, upon opening them, he looked at me and smiled saying "I wished for Rainbows".  I awoke the very next morning to a Big Rainbow in the Bathroom window and as I stepped outside noticed each drop of dew on the grass was sparkling in reflection of the sun and had it's own tiny little rainbow in it.  So was born the Rainbow Man, wink.

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Making it Happen

Colleen, her two boys and a good friend of the family all helped.  As we worked together as a team to get the base coat on, our friend Zac came walking up on his way home from school, excited to see the painting beginning he hurried home to put down his school books and check in with his parents then returned to help us.
We had a great day of team work, Colleen and her team worked one side of the trailer and Zac joined me on the other.  We had fun being artist for a day, while telling funny jokes and doing imitations.  Zac is quite the character, and a great kid.  A true tribute to his parents love for him.  I invited his whole family to join us on Hand Print day.

Zac the Great thanks for the laughs and good
vibes, you are such a positive person to be around!

We had a good time listening to music and painting away.

Zac painted the high grounds while I painted the low ones. Colleens oldest son joined us for lessons on proper painting and with a few moments of instruction quickly slowed the sway of his brush and showed great promise as an artist with his gentle brushes back and forth, he is a Leo and has a very strong spirit, he will make a great leader one day.

Looking Good

Mobile Artistry is born on a sunny day with friends and laughter

The fun continued right up to sunset when the Mosquitoes decided to feast upon our team of painters and we decided to call it a night.  Colleen and her team pretty much completed their side of the Trailer and it looks great~  Thank you so much Colleen for taking time out of your day to help.  I hope you enjoyed the fun and can't wait to see your hand print on the tree.  I appreciate your hard work and time more than you know.  You guys did a great job, we couldn't have done it without you!

All and all it was a great day, the birds sang through the festivities and laughter was carried on the smooth breeze that gave us kisses of relief from the bright and warm sun.  The day was a good one and today shall be more of the same.  I am eager for the Sun to rise and join me in touching up a few areas that still need a second coat of base and then begin the real fun, stay tuned my friends you haven't seen nothing yet, this is going to be Awesome.

Flower Power

I wish every one  a most blessed night, much love!

As Day Two Begins
February 25th, 2012

Yeah so uh, it's spelled wrong, we are all over that, haha

I woke early eager to continue painting One Love!  As I was touching up the base coat on the sunny side of the trailer where it was warmest in crisp morning air when I discovered Colleen had added her own special touch to the back window of the Trailer.  I felt full of happiness and love when I saw her little PEACE of History in the making!  Great addition Colleen I love it!

Beauty all around singing a song of love!

As I am touching up the base coat the birds are again singing along with my music and showing off all around me!  The break of a new and wondrous day has begun and I am blessed to be a part of it.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, one love, green exterior paint, green paint, green, painting a travel trailer, painting for change, jojo williams, lelania
Love the Love that went into the painting by Colleen and Co.
Thank you so much for taking part in this part of the Journey!
Love you very much!

With the Sunny side touched up as far as my arms will reach taking turns standing and sitting in my chair I decided to take a break and some Advil.  I am still standing strong on no superscription pain pills for my pain.  I have found less gluten in my diet is very helpful.  I am in pain but I am free of pain pills and the extra issues that come along with that, very proud of myself for sticking to my goals on that.  As I sis in my chair and gaze across the sunny side of One Love the hearts in the windows Colleen painted fill my own heart with warmth and inspiration to get past the base coat and on to the fun of adding more colors.

 I need to run down to Home Depot real quick and check to see if there are any more Exterior Mistakes in good color's for the Tree.

But before the tree can begin to take life upon One Love we need a horizon of land and sky, I picture a beautiful sunset of colors in the sky, we shall see how this all comes together.  Cross your fingers with me for some great colors to make the sky come to life in an exterior paint today, Stay tuned.


Good Morning Sunshine
February 26th, 2012

As I sit awaiting the Sun to join me this morning reliving the great day I had yesterday brings a smile to my face.

paint day, painting one love, friends, good people, great customer service, home depot customer service rocks
Lakiesha, Paint Supervisor at Home Depot, Antioch, Ca
I enjoyed my visit to my second home, Home Depot that is.  Saw some friends I have made in my many visits, and made some new ones.  Lakiesha is the supervisor of my favorite department this week, the Paint Department, smile.  I met Lakiesha on my first visit to Home Depot when I drove up and down the isles making my first wish list after my battle with the wind.  From first contact till now, on each visit that I have been blessed to see her again she has always blessed my day with a smile and lots of laughs, thank you Lakiesha for being such a cool person and making my days  brighter every time I see you.

Josh, tthe resident artist and blending expert, smile
On my last visit I brought in the sketch of the tree I had drawn to ask questions about blending and shading with home paints as I am not accustomed to working with house paint for my art work.  She told me I needed to speak to the Artist and expert in the house who was off on that day.  Yesterday I was lucky to meet him.  Josh is super cool.  Instantly friendly and took his time to not only help me with blending ideas but also went to find the store manager Todd for me so I could ask him another question.  The big guy in charge though busy took time out to come over to paint and see me and he was just as cool as his staff, no wonder this store has such positive energy, good management has a large impact on employee morale.  Thank you Josh and Todd for all the helpful information.

Mathew the Really Cool Dude!

On my previous visit when I found my first mistakes I met a really cool dude Mathew who was happy to add some color to the mistakes for me with managements approval of course.  I didn't have my camera with me on that day and was bummed I didn't get a picture of him, well I got lucky yesterday he just happened to be in the store and shared the same big smile with me he had on the last visit.  Thank you again for being such a cool dude, You Rock and so does your Raiders Hat, Raiders Nation, Yeah!

Succulent Shrimp Scampi, yummmmmy
I found two cool mistakes and put them on hold till I have the funds to pick them up and headed back to One Love to do some more base painting.  My face sun burnt, hands and clothes covered in green paint I did as much as I could and called it a day.  I was invited to a friends house in the South end of the East Bay for dinner with Colleen so I got ready and we headed down to enjoy some good eats with a great cook.
I haven't had home made Shrimp Scampi in quite some time and have to say this was the best I have had.  The conversation and dinner was great, the food was so good and presentation awesome I had to snap a shot and share.

A beautiful night, a great day!
After Dinner we enjoyed some laughs on the balcony with a great view of the sunset while the Moon made itself known through the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees surrounding the balcony.  With a great view of the Moon and Jupiter, good company and full belly I enjoyed a nice evening and regretted saying my goodbyes but had a drive ahead of me and it was getting close to my bedtime.  As I made my way back to One Love the moon followed me and I remembered many years ago as a child believing that the Moon really followed me.  My sister and I used to sit in the back seat of the car watching it chase us as the car rolled down the many streets we traveled as children.

Tired and ready to call it a night, thinking the day couldn't have gotten any better until I was joined by another new friend I have grown very attached to on my visit here on Colleen's property, Miss Shotsie the family dog.  She has taken a liking to hanging out in One Love and decided she was staying the night.  It was so nice to have her snuggled up next to me while I watched "2012 TIME FOR A CHANGE" directed by Joao G. Amorim, highly recommended btw, very informative and makes you take a look at what we have become  and how we have treated our world.
Great Documentary, Really made me think about my impact on Our World!

Miss Shotsie
Even nicer waking up to see Miss Shotsie all wrapped up in her blanket snoring, haha.  What a nice way to wake up after a great day, today will be another wonderful day, time to listen to my playlist you Youtube and when the sun meets me this morning I will begin painting.  I only have until about noon as the forecast calls for rain tomorrow and the paint needs time to cure.  I see the Sun just beginning to light the skies from the East and hear the roosters crowing, oh beautiful day has begun, I am blessed to be here to enjoy it.

Even  more blessed to be having company visiting me today from Santa Cruz, Kirsten and Lisa are coming up to spend the day with me, that makes me super happy it has been a long time since I have seen them both.  We all go back about 30 years, it will be great to spend some time with them.

Have a blessed day everyone, Sunday's Rock!


Sponge Love
February 26th, 2012

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The Horizon comes in to view.
Dollar Store Sponge Mop to the Rescue
It's half past noon and I am sitting here enjoying the view of the progress today with two of my friends I grew up with.  Kirsten and Lisa pulled up just in time to see me finish off for the day.  Rain is coming tomorrow so I needed to be done by noon to allow it to cure in time to weather the weather.

Amber my little Fern Gully Kindred Spirit of Joy

While my new friend Amber and I painted the landscape, adding the finishing touches for today, Kirsten, Lisa and I caught up on old times and shared some great hugs with lots of laughs.

painting from a wheelchair, disabled painters, painting disabled, facing disability challenges, creative paint ideas, overcoming disabilities, painting one love, one love journey 2012, paint day, how to paint a travel trailer
I remember a day when I was ashamed of my disabilities,
 not today, not tomorrow, never again!
I am a soul living in a body today!
We are enjoying the sunshine and many laughs on a beautiful day with One Love.  I wanted to share a couple pictures with you before we run down to... You guessed it, Home Depot, haha!

I am sure glad that Home Depot has handicap carts, I pushed myself today.  I took turns standing and sitting but I stood as much as I could.  Tomorrow I think I will allow myself to sit more and be okay with that.

Peace & Love~ One Love

I became pretty much unable to work back in 2007 but was ashamed of my issues with joints, specifically my knees.  Every doctor I saw for my mobility issues or any issues for that matter said the same thing.. "You need to lose weight"  I'm like "Hey Doc, it's a fricken tooth ache, whats my belly got to do with that?  I think doctors overlook things with overweight people attributing all our problems with our weight. Hey Doc next time a big person comes in your office do him/her a favor run some tests then start with the advice mkay, love ya!

I connected my weight problem with my disability problem.  While I have carried myself with pride my whole life, being big pretty much my whole life, I never let my weight stop me from living.  Spent weekends at the lake with the kids in a bathing suit.  Worked on my feet cleaning houses, waiting tables and kept good care of my home and family no matter what, no matter how.  I used to roll around the kitchen in an office chair to cook dinner, lol..  Hey, whatever worked, right!

I was ashamed to be seen in my wheel chair, to walk past people with my limp, to go grocery shopping at normal hours.  I did my grocery shopping at midnight when I could ride freely around the store in the electric handicap cart and said it was because I wanted to avoid crowds and race my sons in the store.  I was stubborn, to stubborn to go apply for disability for 4 years denying to myself that I was disabled and determined not to rely on Government assistance because I am a proud woman and I am to young to sit around in a wheel chair saying poor me.  I was embarrassed, today I am not ashamed any more.  I am proud that I can still do things despite my limitations.  I am proud that I am learning things like a dollar store sponge mop can give me a little more freedom and independence in life.   I love the sponge mop.  But more so I love myself, more each day.

Getting There!
Now we are headed to the store to get some supplies for the next sunny day and enjoy some time out and bout.  Can't wait to add the Clouds and then the One Love Tree.

jojo williams, jojo, lelania, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012, 1lovejourney, painting one love, painting a travel trailer, one love hands, one love photos
One Love Journey 2012

What a great day, but then every day is a great day when you decide to live life happy, every day I am more amazed at how easy it is to live a simpler life with love and happiness in abundance.  I am blessed.

 I love you!


Holy Sun Ray Blasters Batman
February 28th, 2012

As I pretty much finished up adding the sky to One Love yesterday at about half past noon I saw the clouds rolling in from the distance and decided that some major positive thinking was in order to keep the rain away and give One Love time to cure.

So I did what any logical totally sane woman in her 40s would do.  I enlisted the help of a 5 year old who I like to call my Rainbow Maker.  He and I believe he has special weather control powers and have a lot of fun controlling the weather around us, yeah I know what your thinking, stop thinking for just a minute and have some fun with your imagination while you enjoy some fun on a trampoline with us.

I introduced you to Hunter in my friends tab, well there are actually two Hunters, Hunter 3 and Hunter 4, who just turned into Hunter 4 and Hunter 5.  Their birthdays are 4 days apart and their brilliant mothers didn't like the idea of Little and Big Hunter or Hunter 1 and 2 as it promotes one being more important than the other so they have used their ages to determine who is who, smile.  I love it.

Hunter 5 is quite the amazing little lad and has the most amazing and vivid imagination.  He is good for the Soul, a true pioneer of a boy he likes to exercise his imagination daily.

I enlisted his help in shrinking the clouds headed our way, he quickly went into character and rounded us up some weaponry.  He said we couldn't use just any toy guns we needed the real deal.  We needed Sun Ray Blasters.  His version of the Sun Ray Blaster is a clear plastic big riffle/sub machine gun looking toy with bright orange trim and clip.

So we removed our clips and used kisses to load them with Sunshine while we held the clear plastic toy guns up to the sun to soak up extra sunshine power.  Inserted our clips of Sunshine Kisses and he got on the trampoline while I sat in my wheelchair and we began to blast away at the clouds approaching us.

Hunter 5 jumped on the trampoline yelling in triumph as he let out a loud "boom" his Sun Ray Blaster was a Boomer, mine a machine gun so I made machine gun sounds as we shot Sunshine into the clouds shrinking them and drying them up to protect One Love.

It was Awesome, I can't tell you how much fun it is to let your imagination go and decide you can change the weather in the world around you.

Zac came by and joined in on the fun, he had major Sun Ray power and a samurai sword he used to cause wind to blow the clouds away. Can you picture it?   A 5 year old, 14 year old and 42 year old all making magic weather control moves to ward off the clouds to protect the paint.

We cheered on  as the clouds changed course and in amazement split in two directions away from us.  We felt powerful and proud of our accomplishment and celebrated our victory with laughs.  I wish I had pictures of the event for you, but this time you will just have to use your imagination, wink.

I am hoping to get some more painting done this morning and looking for another Artist to enlist to help with the Tree as that will be the time consuming part of this project.  I truly hope to be done in time to let the good folks I have come to know as friends in this town to be able to join in on my send off and place their hand prints on the tree of life on One Love.

Think positive thoughts for us today, and if you happen to have a Sun Ray Blaster laying around help us out would ya, put your logic aside and join us in keeping the Clouds at bay till the job is done and the paint cured.

Thank you, much love, One Love!


Learning Respect
February 28th, 2012

As I was getting ready for my day it occurred to me that I may be being a two things right now...

Selfish and Impatient!

One thing I am learning is Patience.  Everything happens in the time it is going to happen.

We need water, rain brings water.  So I will stop being selfish and impatient about finishing the paint job on One Love and enjoy seeing the earth drink of water today.  I decided not to paint but rather to work on some other needed repairs and prep for my move.  And in honor of anticipation of the Rain I got dressed in blues to feel the power of water around me.  I always sleep good in the Rain so tonight I will indulge in some Netflix and watch a couple documentaries.  I have been learning more about my impact on the earth.  I am trying to learn how to be a better contributor to our world.  Learning respect for nature and all forms of life by being mindful of my impact on our supply of natural resources and learning new ways to be part of the solution rather than a big part of the big problems we are faced with for our future but walk through life daily ignoring the facts about our natural resources.  So today I say let it rain, and will enjoy every drop of it with some thing warm to drink and a some good company... Me!  

Have a great day everyone, Love you ALL!!

painting one love, onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania
One People, One Planet, One Love!

Zachary, many thanks to a new friend
March 3rd, 2012
Good Morning Beautiful Day,

Saying goodbye means saying hello to something new
Today is my last day here on my friends property.  I have mixed emotions on this as I drink my morning coffee.  Part of me is super excited to get back to park life.  The first week I spent at Sugar Barge was cool.  Being surrounded by new people and challenging myself to get to know some of them was good for me.  Good for One Love!

Always a positive attitude and friendly face

While staying here has also been good for me and One Love as well.  I have learned much in the past three weeks here.  I will miss Colleen, her cool kids.  Amber and her cool kid and my new friend Zac who has been a major help to me when I needed it most.

Zac and I hung out for a little while yesterday while I searched for my still lost camera charger.  He is kinda bummed to see me go and really wants to be involved in One Love for us all, he believes in it.  However, he doesn't have a computer to keep track of my travels or participate.  His family has financial challenges like many today and does not own a computer.

painting one love, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012, paint day, zac
My Buddy Zac

So I got to thinking this morning.  I bet there is someone out there that has an old computer they don't use any more just collecting dust.  If you are that someone and would like to help Zac out with staying involved in this Journey, would you consider gifting it to him?

Zac believes if we can help people we should help them
If so please email me at or you can look for Zac on Facebook at  He uses Colleen's computer when he has a chance and can check his messages there.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, lelania, one love journey, a journey of love
Excited, happy, on the road again!

Up until this time I have been with people I knew before this Journey began, after today I will really be out on my own in the world and that is exciting to me.  As I shop and pack today preparing for Glen and Theresa who I met at Sugar Barge to come tow me away I will be thinking of all I have gained thus far, and anticipating all I have to learn out there.

Have a great morning, a great day, a great life full of love, One Love!


The Art of Being
April 5th, 2012

Mr. Marley
Marley woke me at 4am touching my face with his little paw to let me know he had to go outside and do his business.  I am impressed with how smart he is to learn so quickly where he needs to do such things.

I dressed and opened the door to a beautiful star lit sky and crisp air.  As I took in a breath of the fresh cold air looking up at the sky I thought of last nights sky and what it said to me.

Yesterday was a day of many emotions for me.  I started with pride for my daughter, moved into joy for my friendships with two of my ex's and their wives after spending the morning on Skype with Kirsten and receiving a text from Heather to let me know her husband, my ex boyfriend James was readmitted into the hospital.  He had the lap band surgery a few days ago and was in severe abdominal pain.  I thanked her for again making sure I knew what was going on and shortly after received another text letting me know it was only gas.  We both laughed about it after being very concerned something may be very wrong.

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My Beautiful Friend
I thought to myself how cool it is that I am so close to not only my ex's but to their wives as well.  I would say I am even closer to their wives.  I am welcome in their homes and they mine.  We share laughs and tears together over events in our lives.  How awesome it is to be able to say to them "I love you" and I truly do love them all.  I asked myself what would happen if all ex's thought like we do, recognized that it is okay our relationships changed from intimate to friendships.  I believe we would have much less tension in the world.  I loved both of these men once why should that stop simply because we are not a couple anymore?  Today I understand that if it really is love the love does not die or end.  The status of our unity changes, our bond changes but does not fade away.  I am blessed to have Kirsten and Heather in my life.  I love them dearly also, unconditionally.  I have to give my ex's credit for having such good taste in women, hehe.

Kirsten called this morning to ask a favor of me, she wanted to know if I would do the honors of drawing a yin and yang style Pisces symbol with two carps for at tattoo she wants on her lower back that represents the love she feels for her husband.  Today is their 19 year anniversary of the day they started dating.  Truly honored I accepted and we both enjoyed a great conversation about the topic of my post including the closeness we feel as friends, this favor clearly shows how strong of an honest bond of friendship and love we share.

Before agreeing we made the deal that we will go get our tattoos together and both laughed when I told her I wanted a peace symbol on my lower back, haha.

Later in the day during a conversation with a new friend I was given more scary things to think about that set me on a "take action course" to solve the worlds problems that was way over my head.  I wrote a post that spoke strongly on issues I have little true knowledge of but before posting my masterpiece something told me to consult someone who had more experience in these matters so I called my Mother.  I sent her a copy of the post and asked for her opinion only to find myself wounded and scorned when she broke down the many issues with my speaking on something I do not know enough about.  More so she wanted me to recognize the level of fear I was building in my heart over issues that I have not confirmed the validity of.  I was defensive and cried feeling like she did not trust in my ability to learn about these things and frustrated feeling the words I have heard my new friend speak repeatedly "people don't want to hear the truth".  I tried to get off the phone with Mother because I was now crying and wanted to end the conversation.  She heard my tears and pried further into what was happening.  Grateful she did so because it was then I realized how strongly I was trying to hold onto the fear building inside me based simply on fears ingrained deep into the heart of someone else.

I realized how strong fear is.  I have avoided images, people and things that promote fear for a few months now building love in my heart yet fear can come along, attach to my heart and spread quickly.  I am glad my Mother was here to remind me of my purpose for myself and this Journey being about love, unconditional love. Living it, giving it and letting go of the fears that hold us back in life.
Love is in the air, it's everywhere!
Found online.

I made myself a hot cup of some relaxing tea Kirsten picked out for me at Staff of Life, mmmm good.  The tea, music and realization of what was happening to me thanks to my mom left me feeling sleepy so I took Marley outside before we hit the sack.  As I stood in the night air I looked up and was taken back by what I saw, I stood in awe looking at the most beautiful close to full moon surrounded perfectly by a cloud in the shape of a heat.  I felt at peace with the universe at this moment and knew in my heart this was a gift, a reward for the lesson I learned today.  I rose above the fear with love, looking at the skies heart my beliefs that love conquers all were confirmed.  I then went inside, grabbed my camera and tried to take several different pictures of this wondrous sign but could not get the camera to capture the cloud.  I decided that it was okay, this heart was for me tonight, I thanked the heavens, my Grandmother and my Cousin for their guidance.

Cooking up a great start to a new day!
This morning as I stared again into the sky I thought of yesterdays lessons, the blessings, the pride and the tears that streamed from my eyes as my mother helped me to recognize where I was.  I realized how much can happen in one day and grew excited thinking about what today may bring.  I went inside and listened to this weeks Astrology Forecast on Youtube.  I listened and heard clearly what I needed to hear at the beginning of this day.  Being vs. Doing.  I now feel at peace with my self and breath deep of love full of hope and renewal.

I began cooking breakfast, starting with some red onions, green bell peppers and and zucchini only to add more to the mix.

As the recipe formed creating a display of beautiful colors and appetizing aromas I became inspired to create and decided today would be a great day to paint!

Inspired by colors of love for a healthy body, mind, spirit!
I made breakfast burritos this morning.  I think this is a great recipe for my sister or anyone who is limited on time in the morning but wants to get a good serving of fiber and nutrients.  This recipe rendered 4 nice size burritos wrapped in spinach wraps and only containing about 1 egg per burrito which is great for me as I am trying to lower my animal protein intake and replace it with more plant based protein.  I now have breakfast cooked for the next three days.

Food full of energy and life for a better life

I love the way this recipe came out, I kinda just threw this all together based mostly on what needed to be cooked in my fridge.  I let the food tell me what came next while listening to Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.  I give this recipe 4 stars and hope you like it as much as I did.  Have a most blessed day full of love, unconditional love for self and all others.

I lost internet before I could post this earlier, upon regaining my connection I opened an email from my Mother with a link to a twitter we both follow and cried as I read Jessica Daily discuss forgiveness.  Thank you Mom, you spoke to my heart again today, thank you Jessica you did as well.

Lelania's Gotta Go BreakFast Burritos
onelovejourney2012, one love journey recipes, breakfast burritos, easy breakfast recipes, healthy eating

1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
1/4 red onion chopped
1 clove garlic minced
1 zucchini chopped
1 green bell pepper diced
1 handful fresh baby spinach leaves
4 preservative/additive free turkey meatballs cut in fours
1/2 tomato diced
1 avocado
21 Seasoning Salute to taste
4 large eggs beaten
4 large spinach wraps

onelovejourney2012, one love journey recipes
Breakfast Burritos To Go
I heated the coconut oil in a frying pan.  I can't wait to get some cast iron skillets because coconut oil works awesome to season and oil cast iron. I added the garlic and onion followed by the rest of the ingredients in the order listed then wrapped the scramble in spinach wraps, then in a paper towel and sealed them in a Ziploc freezer bag to go in the fridge and wah lah, breakfast for 4 days made out of food that needed to go for someone on the go, hehe.

Now while I get my paint set up Bob Marley is singing One Love, the birds are singing outside and I am full of love and happiness.  Thank you for tuning in this morning, have a great day.

One Love

One Love Sunrise
April 18th, 2012

A most wonderful morning to all~

I wanted to stop in and bring you all up to date on my painting progress.  I have been working on One Love since yesterday, I slept of course.  However, woke early as usual and started with the sunrise.

Marley for Change!
As I sat in One Love waiting for the Sun to begin rising I searched the internet for Sunrise pictures but couldn't find one that moved me.  They were all beautiful, I viewed many pieces of art work and loved them all.  However, I did not find one that gave me the image in my mind I needed to begin the sun this morning.

So I sat frustrated drinking my coffee and decided the best course of action was to pray on it.  I sat and had a talk with self, the universe and God.  I asked all of them to work with me to find my sunrise in my mind.  I sat quietly with my eyes closed while I enjoyed the silence.

 Marley must have noticed the big sign I was holding up that said "Please disrupt my blissful moment" haha, because he got all energized all of a sudden and started barking at me.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Sunrise April 18th 2012
 I laughed and said "well, thanks a lot Mr. Marley" to which he replied "bark, bark, ruff, ruff, grrrrrr"  then he scratched on the door.  Still learning to speak fluent puppy I was glad he used his sign language skills and decided I would listen to him and go outside.  When I stepped out I noticed the sky, WOW!

I don't know if prayers are answered faster these days or if my actually asking for help is the key.  Either way my sunrise was burned into my mind as I stood in awe.  I opened up the front of One Love while Marley barked more and pranced around all excited and stuff.  "Why, thank you Mr. Marley" I exclaimed while petting him on his cute little head, he was happy and so was I.

My pallet of Sunrise
I went in an grabbed my camera and shot some pics of the beautiful sunrise and started getting my paints out, the sun was coming up and Mr. Marley and I were ready to begin.

The Beginning ~ A New Beginning 

One Love Sunrise taking on a life of it's own
We just needed a little more sun to dry the dew off of One Love.  Mr. Marley suggested breakfast in the mean time.

I thought that a good idea and cooked me up a scramble and Mr. Marley some chicken breast and dog food with broth.  We dined and the fun began.

I started with a circle for the sun and the sunrise just started to take on a life of it's own.  I have been working for a couple of hours and thought a break would be nice to update all of you on the fun.

Okay, breaks over, haha.  I am super motivated and inspired to get more done so I will bid you all so long for a not so long time and update you tonight on how much I get done today.

In the mean time think Sunshine for me will ya, I need lots of warm sun over the next couple days to cure the paint job.  I could also use a polyurethane coat, so if anyone out there has some polyurethane or maybe owns a paint shop and wants to get in on the fun and donate some supplies and work to a good cause let me know by all means.  I will think positive thoughts for help to come my way.
Sunshine Power

I love you all from a place where the sun shines on all, shines for love, shines for change.
onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Open up your windows, your doors, your hearts to love!  Let fear go, let love live!
onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
One Love

One People, One World, One Love

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, rasta man
Rasta Man, Mr. Marley's little brother!
The wind has picked up here pretty good and my legs have had all they can take for today.  So tomorrow I start early and we shall see what beauty emerges from One Love as the paints bring her to life.

I got a new picture of Rasta today, oohh he is soooooo cute.  I really am happy that Mr. Marley is going to have a little brother.  Marley is a very playful pup and needs someone to keep him busy while I am doing things like walking, hahaha

Talk to you all tomorrow morning.  I have a few things to talk about but honestly to tired and sore now.  Besides I still have dinner to make and Mr. Marley is needing some us time.

I love you all thank you for joining me today

Memory Lane
April 20th, 2012
Yesterday was a rough day for me.  I lost touch with Self and where we are today, Self and I.  I am learning how to love myself, learning how to set healthy boundaries with others in my life so that I can give them what I can with preserving some for me to survive with.

In the past I said yes to everything anyone asked of me.  Afraid to say no, afraid that saying no meant I wasn't there for them, I wasn't a good mother, friend or mate.  That thinking led me down a path of resentments leaving me drained with nothing left for me.

Though I have struggled most of my life to make ends meet I always made ends meet successfully until a couple of years ago when I fell apart and broke down, all the way down.  When I broke down all those in my life I said yes to were unable to be there to help or save me from myself.  I was hurt and resented them all for a while for leaving me to fall alone.  I realize now that I was meant to walk that path alone to make it here.  I needed to lose everything and everyone in my life to find myself in a place where I would reach beyond this world for love and support.

As I pulled myself back up and my life again improved the people in my life slowly returned.  People I love and value, also people who I trained how to treat me over years of never loving or valuing myself or my needs.  Today I am learning that love starts inside of me and grows from there not the other way around.  Sometimes that means saying no to people in my life.  Sometimes that means people who aren't used to me saying no get their feelings hurt.

The request was a big one, one that required a lot of time and resources from me.  A request that was not a sensible choice for me and not a reasonable request from the person I love.  The request was made over  a month ago, and left there until I did something nice for myself that this person read about and felt hurt over my choice to do for myself what I said no to them a month earlier over.  I was given a full guilt trip, one I accepted initially.  Old thinking, the old need to justify doing something for myself.  The old need to be loved, liked and approved of by those I love led me right into the battle field of arguing with someone I love dearly.  She accused me of pushing the people away from me who support me because I told her no.  A lot of very hurtful things were said that brought up the past and left me spending most of the day crying in remembrance of past pains and losses.

I tried to shake it, I knew that she was coming from a place of old thinking also, a time when all I ever said to her was YES, in fact I do believe this is the first time I have ever told her NO.  I tried to paint, and got a little done before this all happened but after this I couldn't paint no matter how much I tried.  Painting, creating art comes from a place of love or pain for me.  I am an emotional artist, my art and writing come honestly from the place of emotions that drives them.  I want One Love's painting to come from a place of love not pain or anger.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, lelania
Little Lelania

I gave up trying, the sky was growing hotter anyways and I was looking kinda pink from a mild sunburn so I wrapped up my paints and brushes while praying for some guidance and help then went inside.  I checked my email and to my surprise my Mother had sent me several emails with old pictures in them.  Tears fell from my eyes as I viewed them, memories came flooding in of days long gone.  Pictures of me, my sister and my mother from a time in life that was bitter sweet.  My Youth.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, family reunion, family memories, my mothers daughter, donna, lelania, jojo williams
Reunited with our mother after her recovery

Seeing my Mother young and remembering the hard times with her also reminded me of how much I love her, how proud I am of her for all she has achieved since getting clean when I was 14 even though then I was to angry to celebrate her victory over heroin with her.  It wasn't until recently that I recognized she had her own demons that led her to the places she had to fight with everything inside her to return from.  Today with the love building between us and the pain and anger erased by forgiveness and understanding I looked at the pictures with a new heart, a heart that was full of love for her, full of understanding, full of regret for my own mistakes with my own children.  I saw her beauty.  I saw me and my sister and remembered the bond we share.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, tamar, lelania, maui, childhood memories
My Sissy and Me on the Beach in Maui during my teen years

I ended up on the phone with my sissy and then my mother and poured my heart out to them both about what troubled me.  I wished I had done so sooner in the day at this point.  Both my Mother and Sister support my journey in a way that puts my well being first.  They both gave me comforting reminders and ideas on how to deal with people in my life I have taught how to treat me while retraining them to respect and value me and my choices and love me still.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, my sister and me

Tamar and my Mother were not the first I sought advise from to help me, I reached out to others and was given good advice and support however my old thinking kicked back in as if the need to not be worthy was determined to win this internal war I was having with disappointing someone I love who was not going to let me be okay with my choice not to do for them what I wanted to do for myself.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, my mothers daughter
My Mother and Me

It wasn't until viewing my childhood pictures and being reminded of how far I have truly came that I was able to let go of that old need to be valued by the sacrifices I make for others to love me.  While on the phone with my Sissy and Mom I cried and laughed.  My mother made me really laugh hard, thanks so much Mom.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania,
 I found myself asking self... "Self, why didn't you call Mom sooner" and laughed with Mother even about that.  She was so kind and gentle with me, she was so level and funny.  She made things okay, almost as if she was right beside me rather than miles away.  She gave me a phone hug full of love that made me feel so much better.

My mother reminded me that I have the right to say "I am not going to allow you to talk to me this way, this conversation is over" She also suggested that I use time and caution in allowing people back into my life from the past so that they can learn how to treat me today.  I am only learning how to value my own needs and wants, the need to be loved by others is still there and I can still easily lose site of where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow trying to make others happy.  Especially when words like "it's great that your loving yourself and all but if doing so is pushing others away who have supported you doing so than what's the point?" are used against me when I simply say "no" to something that won't work for me, or I do not have to give.  I should have seen that statement for exactly what it was and recognized that truly supporting me loving myself wouldn't mean being hurt by me doing so.

Southern California Skate Girl

My Mother also reminded me that people in my life may be scared they are losing me because of my new approach of self preservation and to try to be understanding and patient with them.  In time they will learn that me loving myself only allows me to love them more.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania, memories
My Sissy, Our Grandmother Eva Mae and Me
Loving myself is the first step to loving others.  Building a strong relationship with me and God builds the healthy foundation that will allow me to honestly love others, not love them for giving me the love I don't have for myself. That kind of love is what led me to always trying to please everyone, meet everyone else's wants and needs so they would love me and not abandon me.

I had to learn and am still learning that there is one who will never abandon me, one who has been with me always, one who waited patiently for me to reach out and ask for guidance and help.  A relationship between self and God who lives in us all always.  I am learning that God connects us all, and to have honest healthy relationships with others I must do so through the love of self and God.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, my sister and me
My little Sister and Me, I love you DS

After getting off the phone with my Mother I cried some tears of release and gratitude for her in my life today.  I looked at the pictures again, one by one they each spoke to me.  I looked at my younger self and realized how beautiful I was with my whole life ahead of me.  I wasn't over weight, yet somehow have always remembered myself as being big.  I remembered thinking to myself at those ages I was huge. My self image was always "fat".  I guess I manifested that reality in later years, lol.

While sitting in One Love crying and looking at pictures Glen stopped by to remind me yesterday was Theresa's birthday and dinner would be ready in about an hour.  I felt horrible that I had forgotten the date and expressed that to Theresa at dinner, she was not at all hurt in fact she understood and asked me to share my hard day with her.  I didn't want to burden her with my sad day on her special day but she is so much like a mother figure I cannot help but honor her wishes to nurture.  I shared my pains with her and she also comforted me and reminded me that my saying no was a good choice, saying yes would have been to much and was honestly to much for someone else to expect of me.  I listened as she told me stories of past times in her life that were similar to where I am today.  She talked about the years of sacrifices made for those she loved and the beginning of finding happiness and love in her own life.  Today Theresa is in a good place with a good person who cherishes her.  I love hearing her stories of past somehow she always hides a lesson in them for me to discover.  That must be a Mother trait that we all have as mothers.

I returned to One Love to find Mr. Marley had woken up and made quite a mess going number two on my carpet.  The first accident of this kind and not on a good day to do so but what day would be a good day for scrubbing carpets clean of puppy poo? I yelled at him and scolded him, I felt horrible after wards and went to bed snuggling him and crying some more.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, Mr. Marley, blue nose
Mr. Marley with blue paint on his nose, haha

My Birthday Party at San Lorenzo Park,
Santa Cruz, Ca

I woke up this morning with swollen eyes, my eyes are a dead give away for tears falling, they swell up bad the next morning.  I thought about going back to bed when I woke just before 4am since I cannot drink or eat anything till after my scan this morning for consultation on my gall bladder surgery.  Marley wasn't looking tired and was eager to play so I stayed up with him for a bit and then started writing, now the little bugger is sleeping sound beside me, haha.  Gotta love him, he is the best kind of unconditional love for me.  I am super excited for him to be getting a little brother next month.  He really is a doggy who needs a pal to hang with, otherwise I can look forward to every waking moment of my days being dedicated to giving him attention, haha.

I thought about not writing this post because it's not all happy happy joy joy, there is still a lot I have to learn about loving myself, there is still a lot I have to learn about trusting myself.  I realized last night that when I talk to myself, talk to the universe, talk to God and ask for help and guidance I receive help and guidance.  I am learning the meaning of "Ask and ye shall receive".

I can't wait for this appointment at the hospital to be over so I can eat and drink and paint and be merry, haha.  I feel better this morning than yesterday.  I don't regret yesterday, in fact I think I am recognizing that I am going to repeat the same lesson until I get it right.  I have to learn that putting myself first does not equate being selfish or not loving others it allows me to love them better by loving me first.

Thank you for listening to me this morning, I love you from a place that is unsure still of loving myself and that is okay.  I have to recognize that to work on it I suppose.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, lelania
30 years later I see me, me is amazing!

Have a most blessed day,
One Love

Now, I've Been Happy Lately
April 22nd, 2012

Night Painting Rocks

...thinking about the good things to come And I believe it could be,something good has begun
Oh I've been smiling lately, 
dreaming about the world as one
And I believe it could be, 
some day it's going to come

Cause out on the edge of darkness, 
there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this Country, come take me home again

Now I've been smiling lately, 
thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be, 
something good has begun

Oh peace train sounding louder
Glide on the peace train
Come on now peace train
Yes, peace train holy roller

Everyone jump upon the peace train
Come on now peace train
Get your bags together, 
go bring your good friends too
Cause it's getting nearer, 
it soon will be with you
Now come and join the living, 
it's not so far from you
And it's getting nearer, 
soon it will all be true

Now I've been crying lately, 
thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating, 
why can't we live in bliss

Cause out on the edge of darkness, 
there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country, 
come take me home again
By Cat Stevens

The horizon is coming into view making room for the tree of life to grow
Still a good 70 plus degrees outside Glen did the honors of setting up some lighting for me so I could get our Night Paint on. I got into my paint gear and the fun began.

I worked some more on the mountains below the Sunrise. I laughed trying to avoid the insects that seemed to want to get in on the fun despite our botanical insect repellent. I got as much done as our getting bitten up bodies could handle then called it a night and went inside One Love to hang out some more.

onelovejourney2012, Mr. Marley, jojo williams
Mr. Marley for Love and Peace!

Marley joined in on the fun wearing his new collar pendent, a gift from Scott and Adrianne. Perfect choice for Marley and hand made. Thank you so much Scott and Adrianne, I adore you both big time and Mr. Marley thanks you big time too.

Have a most blessed day my friends
Chooglin on the Peace Train of Life and Lovin it!

I love you from a place where the sun rises and the peace train is a chooglin with the power of love for all~
One Love, Peace for All


Go Placidly
April 22nd, 2012

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
And remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly & clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull & ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud & aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain & bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy you achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing future of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity & disenchantment
it is perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue & loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees & the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And weather or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors & aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy.

Written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945)

I grew up with these words burned onto a wooden plaque that usually hung in our bathroom.  Suiting read for the bathroom if you consider the metaphoric idea of sitting on the throne, a throne we spend a good portion of our lives on.  A place of solitude,  time to think.  Time with self. 

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams,
One Love is coming to life, One love is a new beginning for us all, One love is Love

The words have come to be etched into my mind as they were etched on that wooden plaque.  Great words to remember even better words to finally be Living by.  Learning by.  Loving by.  Words I honestly share today as I am learning to practice what I preach today.

Fun in the Sun
After painting till the sun decided to have it's way with us and we came in doors to cool off I sat looking at my artwork and was reminded of the plaque that hung on my wall most of my childhood.  It was today I learned that they were written by Max Ehrmann, my plaque said "found in an old St. Paul's church 1692".  I thought to self "wow, self there was an author to these awesome words" and decided that I wanted to say thank you to Max Ehrmann for writing these profound words of advice that all should live by.

While I sat here going through pictures of our morning painting escapades these words kept ringing in my mind as did the many years I read them.  I thought about all the years I walked on this Journey of life blindly.  

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams
Happy Happy Joy Joy

While I read words like these that held secrets to life in them, quoted many profound quotes of others over the years as testimony to how I felt I did so blindly without truly absorbing the meaning and implementing the many meanings into my own thoughts and actions toward self and others, toward our earth, toward creation, toward existence.

I sat thinking and the tears began to stream down my cheeks as I realized where I am today.  Today I walking the walk, today I am getting it.  Today I care, today I seek, today I love, today I face my fears and while I feel lonely at times I never feel that loneliness I felt before.  I never feel that feeling of desperation I felt before.  I never feel alone the way I felt before.  

Today I am happier than I have ever been in my life.  I have very little and have learned I need very little to find true happiness.  I have love for self, god, you, Mr. Marley and our earth in abundance.  That sustains me.  I can honestly say that tomorrow not being promised no longer promotes fear inside of me.  Living in the here and now, being present in the moment and knowing in this moment God stands beside me I no longer fear what may come.  I can honestly say that if tomorrow never comes for me I have no regrets as I am doing what I believe in and my life now has purpose whereas before I only thought I had purpose.  Today my purpose is real and true, before it was superficial and false.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams
New Stella Picture, my little Angel I love you so
I do not know where this journey will lead me but I know one thing to be true, it will take me where I am meant to be and that is fine by me. 

I love you world, I love you brothers and sisters, I love you God's children.  I love you all.

What a great start to a beautiful day, thank you Mr. Marley for making it a super special one.  Thank you all for joining in and thank you Sissy for the great talk.

Thank you Stella for waking me up and showing me myself, you are truly the best of me, thank you for giving me life honey.  I love you every minute of every hour of every day of this life and the next.

I love you from a place of happiness in the here and now.

One Love 

A Magical Mother's Day
May 14th, 2012

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Happy Mothers Day 2012 I love you All So Much

Today was truly a celebration of Mothers here at the "We are all Family" RV and Marina.  I refer to it as such due to the closeness of all the long timers here.  Even some of the passer by'rs get in on the Good Family Love I have discovered here in my little "peace" of paradise on the Delta.

I woke before the sun, Mr. Marley was not trying to hear that this morning so I agreed with his suggestion that we go back to sleep till about 7:00 am.  I got up and sorted the laundry, hand washed the whites and hung them on the new lines Jay (Tela's Son) put up for me yesterday at Gia's request for a clothes line.  Gia is a new addition to One Love.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, painting One Love, artwork
The new patio next to One Love is helping much in painting.  I can reach the whole trailer on this side much easier.
What a great way to start Mothers Day by creating life of love on One Love.
I prayed to the spirit of creation as I painted and asked for help in creating a canvas of love for the tree of life to be born in celebration of us all, one people of one world living in one love.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey

Gia is a wonderful young lady that needed a place to stay for a while.  I met her a month ago up at the General Store when she and her boyfriend were renting a house boat for their stay here.  We spent some time talking at the tables outside and we both were instantly drawn to each other.  She is from the Caribbean Islands and has the most delightful accent.

Gia has been with Mr. Marley and I for a few days now and is such a joy to have here I feel as if the Heavens themselves sent her to me and me to her.  In fact everyone has taken a special liking to Gia, she has the most angelic presence and nature about her.  I am impressed with her courage to walk away from an unhappy relationship that offered all the comforts of security financially and trust in God that she would make a way in this town where she knows no one with only the clothes she owns.  She is in good hands between Tela and Myself.  We have pretty much adopted her.

I decided Mothers Day would be a good day to create so I worked on the Mountains on the entrance side of One Love while Mr. Marley played and Gia hand washed more clothes.  We had a great morning, the air was full of a peaceful flow of life and love.  Gia loves 80s music being born in the 80s.  We listened to Bananarama (one of her favorites).  Then I played one of my favorite artists for her; Al Green.

One Love Journey
Sky's Artwork Mothers Day Menu
While I was setting up to paint Jay came by to take our order, haha.  For Mothers Day they decided to treat Gia and I to some great service and good laughs with Jay as the French Waiter wearing a towel over his arm and ladybug apron and all.  He handed me a hand made menu and took Our Order.  I ordered Gia and I waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.

A wonderful Selection of breakfast treats, haha

Jay should be on the silver screen, he is a natural at acting and can assume any role with ease.  He has a level of humility and confidence that makes any role he plays seem so natural and realistic.  Jay is beginning to become like a son to me also.

This Baby was so cute, I got to hold him for a little while and felt a little sadness
missing Stella but that was quickly replaced with joy for the bundle of love in my
arms.  He reminded me of Brandon looking like a little old man when he was born.
Miss Tela's Children Jay and Toni Lynn planned a Mothers Day party for all the women in the park.  Over a month of planning went into the wonderful day to honor their and all Mothers.  Being that we are next to them now I could hear the fun going on over there through their living room window as I sat on the patio painting One Love.  Our breakfast arrived and we loved it, such great service and food.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania
Feeling Fabulous
Dinner was set for 4:00 pm so I finished up painting around 2:00 pm and showered.  Being Mothers Day I wanted to dress up a little.  Missing my kids much and wishing they were here I thought I would cheer myself up by treating myself a little extra special.  I wore my favorite color burgundy with a long flowing white skirt.

Walking over to Tela's to drop off the Macaroni & Cheese I made as a side for the dinner I turned the corner to find Tela outside setting up the tables and she made me feel like a million dollars complimenting me on how beautiful I looked.  She also looked gorgeous and was dressed in red and black.  We seem to be twins many days and I cannot help but feel we mirror each other at different stages in life at times.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania
Me and Miss Tela

Having over an hour to go till dinner I thought I would take Mr. Marley to the park to play fetch and run off some of his puppy energy.  Gerry and her daughter in law joined me with Gerry's Grandson and Tela joined us shortly after.  The warm sun was shining on us all with a perfect breeze kissing away the heat.  Everything about the day just flowed with laughter and light.

We all enjoyed an awesome meal, meat cooked by Jay who is truly a master of the grill.  As normal Tela invited all of the park who cared to join us and the celebration took off with lots of laughter in the air.  What a great Mothers Day.  During dinner my Baby Daddies called and told me all about Stella's Mothers Day.  I felt blessed and the longing for my own children eased a bit with the love I was surrounded by.

onelovejourney2012, Mr. Marley and Me, I love you Marley
Gotta Love Mr. Marley

Mr. Marley must have felt the electric energy in the air because he was on one too.  He was so hyper and funny.  He was a character all day, from the morning while painting One Love until we curled up in bed for the night.  I honestly felt like I had a child with me, haha.  He is truly like having a new baby around and I have to say he is definitely in his terrible two's, bahaha.

Wild Bill a Blessing in Many Ways on this Mothers Day
What a great Dinner, I really enjoyed everyone's company especially Wild Bill's who I have had some trouble with lately and will discuss more on My Lessons tab today.  I have learned much from Wild Bill.  Today he blessed all the Mothers in the park by going around offering his services to us on Mothers Day.

He showed up while I was just finishing painting for the day with work gloves in hand to see what help he could be to me on this fine day.  I told him my phone had fallen behind the couch and we could not get the back and battery out from under it as they fell and bounced.  Bill not only retrieved my phone, he also showed me how the front of my couch comes off and a new area for storage was discovered.  A true blessing as you cannot have to much storage space when living in a 25 foot travel trailer.  Thank you so much Bill, I love you honey.

Tela and Gerry sharing moments with us during our Girly Time on this
wonderful Mothers Day celebration.  I love you all, thank you for a great day!
As the day came to an end us ladies gathered in One Love for some girl time.  We shared stories of Motherhood, photo's, some tears and many laughs.  It was a beautiful moment in time that I will cherish always.  Several generations of women coming together.  Gia fit right in bringing brightness of youth to our group of Mom's.  We all felt blessed on this Mothers Day and bonded in a new way.

Peace and Love is what Life is all about these days, I'm loving it!
I have to say I value moments like these in my life in a new way today.  Living in the here and now gives me a new appreciation for each special gift given to me.  By letting go of the past and not worrying about the future I no longer miss the magic of the present.  I feel truly blessed to be learning these valuable lessons in life.  I think I now understand why people go out and find themselves in their later years in life.  I get it!

I love you all from a place of peace and love for all that is in the here and now.

One Love

Get'n My Paint On
May 14th, 2012
It has been a most blessed day I have to say.  I am still working on One Love but wanted to stop in and show ya'll the sea~

One Love Journey 2012
Getting closer to starting the Tree Of Life.  I love the blues I ended up with from others mistakes.  Isn't it great how someones mistakes gave us a sea of blues that are bringing the landscape of One Love to life.

The Silver on the clouds looks great the camera does not do it justice in the shade.

While I have been working outside Gia has been working inside and surprised me with a super clean house including organizing my bedroom I am so grateful to have her help and thank God for sending me such a true Angel.

Coming Together Beautifully

Okay back to work, will keep ya'll updated on my progress.  I have plans for the back in dedication to Jacob aka Gas.  I think you will all love the finished product then we can start planning the First Hand Printing Date.  I want to have a big BBQ and Tye Die Party to break in the Tree of Life.  I hope to see many of you along the Journey to add your hand print to the Tree Of Life.

Super Excited about the progress, it has taken a while due to my limitations but it is happening, yeah~

Love you all big time
One Love

The Beginning of a Tree
May 15th, 2012

Hello Loved Ones~
I hope to find you enjoying your Tuesday Morning fully with joy of life.  Today is Tree Tuesday here at One Love.  I thought I would stop by while I make me a cup of coffee and return to creating the Tree of Life on One Love and ask all of you to join me today in your thoughts.

Every Day is a New Beginning
The Tree of Life
One Love Journey 2012

If you would be so kind as to think Tree today with me, I would love us all to channel our energies together into the creation of this tree that represents us all as one people of one world living in one love.

Enjoy your day, living in the here and now knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be with no worries of past pains and regrets, no concerns for future worries or concerns.  Today we are here and today we celebrate each moment with excitement and thanks for all the gifts we are given in each precious moment.

I love you all from a place of creation for a better today!

One Love for all~

One Love Grows
May 15th, 2012

I wanted to stop in and give you a few more pictures of Our Progress, I say Our because you are me and I you as we paint this tree together.  Sound crazy? Great!  Crazy is just what I was going for, haha.

One Love for you and for me grows like the limbs of this tree
 with the creation of our spirits song, positive thoughts sung all day long
Compassionate actions towards all creation, love of all life.
Bringing a new day, a beautiful bright sunrise before our eyes
Together we begin anew, In One Love Me and You.

I am going to take a shower and eat some lunch and take a little creative break for about an hour to read and play with Mr. Marley.  He likes it when I do that, wink.

Keep that positive energy coming my friends.  All your positive thoughts help more than you know in creating this tree that you and I will share with our hand prints as the final touches, the leaves, the blossoms of One Love for All of Us.

Thank you so much for your love, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and when I feel that way I paint better, smiles.

One Love

Magical Mistakes
May 16th, 2012

I have to say I am really enjoying having fun with all the mistake paint I ended up with by trusting that others mistakes would work for painting One Love.  Learning how to shade on a not so flat surface with a combination of Interior and Exterior house paints is proving to be a good lesson in a few ways for me today.

One I am practicing patience by slowing the flow of my brush.  Two I am practicing faith by praying for help and guidance in my strokes.  Three I am seeing the fruits of my labors come to life.

These three valuable lessons today are only topped by Gia's request moments ago that we pray together.

We sat holding hands and shared a prayer for our present and future.  I am very grateful for her being here and very grateful for the wonderful weather that is allowing me to get so much painting done this week.

I have so much to write about but will have to keep in in my mind for the moment as I want to make the best of the paint time available.  Here are a few more pics to show the progress of shading with mistakes, smile.

I hope you are all having a blessed day today, one full of joy, peace and love.

One Love

It's Whats for Lunch
May 17th, 2012

Having a great morning here at One Love Journey central.  After enjoying some time up at the General Store with Adrianne, Mr. Marley and I returned back to One Love to find a spotlessly clean home with the rest of the laundry hand washed and hung by Gia.  What an Angel.

I wanted to show my appreciation so I made us a great and quick healthy lunch before beginning today's addition to the Tree of Life on One Love.

I cooked us up a veggie and tamari sauce stir fry in coconut oil that was just perfect for a good healthy afternoon lunch (recipe below).  Gia loved it, in fact she said I can cook that any time for us, haha.

Gia and I work well together, I love to cook and she does not care to cook.  She loves to clean and so much appreciate having help around here.  She is freeing up so much of my day for things like painting and finishing my book.  I am truly blessed to have her here.  Thank you God for sending me an Angel.

We both took cold showers today due to being out of propane, haha.  Apparently when I asked one of the guys to help me get the tank filled they grabbed the one that the arrow indicated was the empty tank when in fact it was the half full tank so instead of having a tank and a half I had a tank and that would be why I am now out of propane two weeks before pay day.

Getting ready to paint, woot woot

The upside is the cold showers sure gave us both a boost of energy and we do have a crock pot and an electric skillet to cook with in the mean time so life is not so bad without propane.  I am hoping to resolve the problem sooner than later however, cold showers are certainly better for your skin and other health related issues but they are well uh, they are cold, haha.

Back to painting the tree I am super inspired right now and can't wait to share with you all my progress.  In the mean time here is a picture of some healthy food that only takes about 10 minutes to make and taste great.

Tamari Goes Coconut Over Veggies Stir-Fry

2 Servings
2 fresh organic zucchini sliced
1 fresh organic summer squash sliced
2 cloves of fresh organic garlic chopped
2 handfuls of organic fresh greenbeans
1/2 small red onion sliced
2 tablespoons of organic expeller pressed coconut oil
2 splashes of Tamari Sauce
21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joes to Taste
Weber Garlic and Herb Seasoning to taste

Saute all ingredients in coconut oil and tamari sauce with seasonings for about 10 minutes till soft but not overcooked and serve.  Renders 2 servings.  Mmmm Good Eats!

One Love

Sweet Dreams
May 17th 2012

Mr. Marley and I have had a long day and are getting ready to turn in for the night.  I wanted to show you the progress on the tree today.

Each day brings a new aspect of life and light to the Tree of Life on One Love.

This tree is the beginning of the part of this Journey that means so much to me, bringing us all together through the hand prints of the many friends I am making along the way. All of us believing that "WE" can change the world, "WE:" can create a new day full of love for us all, a day that brings a new world created from our hearts, yours and mine.  Letting go of Our fears together and beginning to let the love we were born to share flow freely between us all.

This can happen, 
I believe in Us.

I hope you all have a blessed night sleeping in the wonders of a magical dream world that brings forth a most amazing morning full of limitless possibilities for you all.

One Love

I Have A Date
May  20th 2012

...with the sun and the moon!

Before I head up to Adrianne and Scotts to watch the eclipse on the docs I wanted to stop in and share with you today's progress on One Love and the Tree of Life.

Today has been a day of many days if that makes sense.  I have lived many days in this one day, tears fell, voices roared, I stood up for myself and I feel good about it.  I also broke down and cried like a baby afterwards and then fell into a slumber of sleep that was deep, needed, a peaceful rest.  I was spent emotionally, I was hurt.  I woke and showered all the pain away and moved on.

As I sat down at my computer I heard a "bloop" ie: notification on Facebook letting me know I had an instant message, as I switched tabs I saw her name...  Lavada one of my closest friends for life.  We grew up together.  We haven't spoke in some time as she moved to Hawaii about a year ago and I was busy with my life.  We have one of those friendships that weathers all time, no distance or amount of days changes our love.  We just pick up where we left off, you know; one of your friends that never says... "why haven't you called?".

As I read her message I burst into tears.  Shocked to be reading the words that moved me at the exact moment I really needed some encouragement from someone who understood and believed in this Journey.

Lavada gave me her permission to share with you all our conversation.  Thank you Lavada for being so open and willing to share with others a special moment of ours, that's what this blog is all about.  Being open and honest and showing the journey to self love and love of all else.

I felt lifted and renewed.  My Bud reminded me of who I am, who I am becoming and I thank her for that so much.  I went outside literally inspired and began to paint with the love of her words in strokes and had to call her, the phone rang and she answered laughing with tears of joy falling as I told her I was painting for her today, painting with her.  We laughed, we cried and then we prayed.  I love you Lavada, always!

I painted for a time then began this blog with the intent of posting before I left however, I ended up leaving before I was able to post so here I am now after the Eclipse sharing with you all before bed.

I loved my time on the Docks with Adrianne and Scott.  Mr. Marley had a good time too, he was a little sketchy of the Docks at first, but he conquered his fears and kept on Chooglin'.

What a great day, even the hurtful parts, especially those moments as they allowed me to cleanse with tears that lead me to this place where I was raw enough to feel the encouragement and love of a friend and an amazing Eclipse, I feel renewed, I feel full of light, life and love.

Good night my friends,
 these are good times indeed, 
good times indeed.

One Love

Painting For Peace
May 22nd 2012

Just finished up this mornings painting.  I enjoyed a very peaceful morning, my brush flowed from love while I enjoyed the uplifting sounds of some smooth reggae music playing from my Pandora radio station.

Ready for a shower and some meditation.  Yesterday was a very emotional day, I will share soon.  Some reflection and thought is needed before putting into words what awakenings I had yesterday.

In the mean time here are some photos of the progress of the Tree of Life on One Love in order of beginning of the morning till finishing up for the day now.

I was blessed with some photos of Rasta Man today.  He is eating now, and Heather tells me he is quite the cuddly little fella.  Rasta should be joining the Journey around the first week of next month.

He is so cute, sleeping with his two sisters, they think he is a pillow I believe, bahaha.

Have a most blessed day
One Love 

Two Days of Yaaay
July 17th 2012

The past two days have seriously rocked ya'll!!!

I have to start with today and go backwards because I am super excited about it.  Okay so I had just gotten out of the shower and there was a knock at the door.  I peeked out and saw someone on a power chair and yelled "give me 5 minutes, I am getting dressed".

Rockin' My new to Me power chair, This so rocks!
I hurried and got dressed and opened the door to find William (Peggy Sue, Theresa and Wendi's Father) sitting in a power chair, not just any power chair either!  My new to me power chair, a gift to me from three men who came together to make it happen.  This gets interesting, try to follow along while I try to explain the chain of events that led to me getting this chair, haha.

William thank you so much for your kindness
and awesome outlook on life!

Joe, David and William thank you so much for being such awesome
new friends, I am blessed to have met you all!

My New to Me power chair!

Brandon had to try out my chair for safety
before he would let me ride it to the store,
haha, love you so much Son it is so nice
to have you checking on me daily and helping
your old Mom out, thank you baby!

So David who was blessed by Gladys and Jim with a new chair offered to gift me his old one that needed the engine rebuilt and William offered to rebuild it which didn't work out so well due to the engine condition and needed parts.  We are all pretty broke financially here in this little park of "come together folks" so buying new parts isn't feasible, especially toward the end of the month.

This is where Rick stepped in who happened to have a couple extra chairs and an engine for sale.  He had an engine he was selling for much more than the $50 he charged us.  David who gifted the chair insisted that he pay the $50 on the 1st of August saying that he wanted this to be as big a blessing to me as he was blessed with getting his own new to him chair.

Leaving the store, I couldn't stop smiling the whole way there and back, haha!

I stood there with tears in my eyes so super out of this world graciously excited for the best gift ever.  This chair means more than just having a power chair, it means more independence to go to the store on my own, walk Marley on my own and go out in the world around me to get involved in the community, YEAH!!!

Heading home with Brandon and Mr. Marley ahead of me, such a cool feeling!

My son Brandon showed up shortly after and accompanied me to the store while he walked Marley and I got used to the chair, there were some scary moments on the uneven pavement crossing over driveways and going through narrow power line poles and box's but I didn't tip or anything, in fact I am getting the hang of it pretty quickly.  Only problem now is my jaw hurts from smiling so much today, haha.

Theresa and Wendi help me get the Tree of Life growing again, good times indeed!

Okay, now I'm going Pulp Fiction on you and stepping backwards to yesterday, wink!  Yesterday was a great day too.  The girls and Brandon helped me get some more painting done on One Love.

Thanks so much for a great day ya'll, you all Rock, Seriously Rock!

We all laughed and listened to cool music while we talked about Rasta Toe, ideas for painting the front and back of One Love, Stella's visit and hoping we will be done in time so she can add her hand print to the tree of life 1st.

To top off the night my son brought over some meat from his house to cook along with the zucchini that Sherry gifted me earlier in the day!  After he headed home I spent some time alone with myself and my Creator having a conversation about my gratitude for helping me to this point.

Feels so good to be painting again!
When I first moved here I was really down and depressed about it.  I stayed in One Love crying a bit and sleeping a lot.  I didn't want to be depressed but you know how that goes.  I had good moments and bad moments.  Through all of them though I did one thing, I gave thanks for the feeling.  See, I have begun to really understand that both the good and the bad moments are equally valuable.  Honestly without the bad moments I wouldn't learn so much and I wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much either.  So really the bad moments make the good ones count more.

I am so blessed to have this time on my Journey with you son!
I am also learning something else really valuable, when I am in that place where I used to want to escape the feelings of I can tell myself today... "Self, this is going to pass, see it as a gift and find the lesson in it!"  And you know what, it passes! I learn something new about myself and about trusting the Universe and My Creator!  I appreciate all of life now, the hard and the easy parts as all good parts!

Thank you so much girls, you really brighten my days with your awesome attitudes!

Now I want to discuss one last thing before I go.  I have been very blessed along this Journey to make some really good friends as I learn to become my own friend.  Here at this park in Sacramento, Ca.  I have been very blessed to meet three amazing young women who recently moved here with their Father from Kentucky for a new start.

William is an awesome father who has raised three amazing girls mostly on his own.  Peggy Sue, Theresa and Wendi are the most down to earth, helpful, positive young ladies.  All three of them have helped so many people in this park and continue to do so daily even though they have very little.  They moved here in a 20 foot travel trailer that they all live in together and they do a good job making the best of it.

Theresa and Peggy Sue I love you!
However, an awesome opportunity has came up here in the park, another tenant is selling their 2 bedroom mobile home for only $3,000.  I want to help this family get it so they can have a home here.  There are others working in the park to try and figure out how to make this happen also.  If there is anyone out there who wants to help email me and I will put you in contact with the family directly so you can make arrangements with them to help them out.  If you don't have the means to help financially that is super cool, can you send some positive thoughts this way for this awesome family to get the mobile home? Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Okay that is it, off to ride around the park and show off my new to me power chair, yay!  I love ya'll form a place of gratitude for all that learning to love myself has done for me and my life.  Have a most blessed day!

One Love

Team Work
August 31st 2012

Yesterday morning I picked up both of my Sons who were happy and eager to spend the day with their Mother helping paint One Love.  What an amazing day.  Without complaint or sibling rivalry they both worked all day through the heat and into the night to get as much painting done as possible.

Semaj, your smile so bright warms my heart. I love you Son
If you know my two Sons the lack of sibling rivalry is a miracle in itself, haha.  Laughter filled the air around One Love as they both worked together with Semaj drawing the tree and Brandon painting in the lines.  Then Brandon and I made stencils and put the blog address on One Love after he painted the ocean all the way around from front to back.  We got so much done and plan on continuing today with hopes of being done in time so that we can Christen One Love here before I leave with their hand prints.

My oldest is a comedian and an artist like his Mother
My Grandchildren are eagerly waiting word that they get to join in on the festivities and add their precious little hands to the Tree Of Life.  My friends are all on stand by as well as the park here.  How awesome it will be to drive out of Sacramento with a send off like that.  And how Awesome it was to spend the day with my Sons, a day where we really sealed our bond and I realized how proud they are of me and how much they believe in this Journey.

Teamwork~ Love it!!!
They have supported this Journey for some time.  In the beginning they thought I had lost it, haha.  My oldest Semaj wanted to have me committed.  He thought the idea of his disabled Mother traveling to strange places in a little travel trailer being painted with no truck was not only crazy but unsafe.  In fact I had to change my phone number for the first month I left as I couldn't handle the arguments and I needed to disconnect from many in my life so I only allowed a select few to have my number who understood what I was doing and supported my choice.

We hold our pencil the same way, I love that!
It only took about a month for the boys to come around and by month three Brandon was visiting me in Stockton, Ca at my third location.  Since then they have both grown very fond of what I am doing and proud of what is happening to me.  Something happened during my stop here in Sacramento this past two months, something changed.  Through working out our past issues, making our amends and strengthening our bond my Sons have began to do more than like what they see.

Thank you Semaj, I appreciate you so much!
Today they believe in this Journey's Purpose.  They actually told me they believe I am helping bring change for us all and believe in me.  They are proud of me and believe in me and that feels great.  This Journey is changing a few people that is for sure and those changes fell like miracles all day long to me.

My handsome Sons!

I will keep you all updated on our progress, the wind is blowing today and it looks like we may get a break from the heat, great day to paint, YEAH!

Looking Like His Momma!

Have a most blessed day with the most benevolent results for yourself and all of life.  I love you from a place of pure joy for the here and now.  This is only the beginning, every day is a new beginning and every day I thank myself and my creator for the courage I had to begin this Journey.  I thank myself for lifting my mind, body and spirit to a higher level in this life.

I cannot imagine ever going back to the small minded person I was before all this.  Living life with love for all things, appreciation for all that is good and bad equally and intending no harm to anything or anyone is such freedom.  Thank you Spirit for showing me the way.

One Love

Today Is The Day
September 1st 2012

Thank you Semaj for coming through and blessing One Love with your creative heart
I am exhausted, sore and completely motivated to push forward, haha.  After two days of working and playing hard, my Son Semaj has finished the tree on one side of One Love for me.  Together he, my youngest Son Brandon and I have finished much of the paint on One Love together as a family and that was awesome.

Love you TT, thank you for joining us baybee!
My Daughter in Laws and Grandchildren and Friends are joining us this morning to Christen One Love with the first hand prints on the Tree Of Life!  We will be packing up, hooking One Love up to Faith and heading out of Sacramento today.  I am so excited about this next chapter of the Journey.

30 years of memories, 30 years of friendship and here we are still going!  I love you!
I guess a little bird was right when he said many years ago we would grow old bitty's
together, haha.  I cannot imagine what this life would have been like without you in it!

So hard to believe that you two are all grown up and so darn tall, haha!
I remember you two running around in your footsie pajamas chasing each other, haha

My BFF Kim and God Son TT also joined in on the painting yesterday while we laughed and enjoyed some time together getting One Love ready for the move.  Love you both so much thank you for helping us, can't wait for you to get to Santa Cruz also.

We love you One Love!  Another chapter of the Journey begins~

I was blessed yesterday to enjoy a visit with my dear friend and spiritual guide Karen Lutter who gifted me some beautiful scarfs and a new book.  Her and I spent the afternoon together and I got filled up with the most positive energy, she has the effect on ya, haha!  Love ya Karen so excited to see you again soon.

My baby boy is no baby no more, all grown up and making
your Momma so proud!  
Brandon is traveling with me and Mr. Marley to help us get there safely and get all set up with the heavy lifting and all.  His father and step mother live in Santa Cruz along with many friends and family so it will be a great trip for him and them too!  Thank you Brandon for all you have done to help us make this move, I love you so much baby!

Well off to work I go!  I will take lots of pictures of the days events and once I am settled in and online again I will share the festivities with you all!

Think positive thoughts for a most safe and blessed trip for One Love.

See ya'll in Santa Cruz!!!
Thank you Karen for the beautiful scarf, I love you my dear dear friend and will see you  again soon!
In the mean time we are connected always in more ways than one, haha!
You helped me to start this Journey when I left 8 months ago, so awesome to have you send me off again!

I love you from a place of "YEAH"

One Love

One People of One World for One Love
September 2nd 2012

One People, One World, One Love

Yesterday was a day of family, friends and community coming together for One Love~


After eight months of traveling this Journey of Love of self and all other life, learning each step of the way and still a work in progress my heart lit up with the most magnificent light of joy as we came together to Christen One Love and the Tree Of Life with our hand prints.

A circle formed in love for love!

I love you Semaj, thank you for helping this day be possible by blessing One Love
with your talents and love.  This is what life is all about, so glad we get to realize that
Friends and family gathered together in a circle of prayer giving thanks for each other, for life and for love!  We bowed our heads with gratitude in our hearts for being able to come together on this day and mark the beginning of the leaves of hand prints that will grow strong as this Journey continues.  Hand prints signifying One People of One World for One Love!

I love you Brandon, thank you for helping this day be possible by blessing One Love
with your talents and hard work.  What a blessing to share this with you son!
What an amazing experience, I feel so whole right now.  I am reliving each moment with tears in my eyes this morning while sitting in One Love in Our new location in Santa Cruz, Ca.  I have spent the past eight months working on painting One Love.

You three have grown up together, walked your own paths and here you are today together again!
I love you all so much, I will cherish these moments always!

TT my God Son, my Neph I love you, I love your strong heart and big dreams!
When I think back to the beginning, the first brush stroke I realize how far I have come since that day.  I realize how blessed I am to have chosen this path.  I give so much thanks to my Creator, to my friends and family who believed in me and stood by me each step of the way.

Painting together as one for one love for all! 

Semya, my youngest granddaughter, I love you little one!  May you grow up in a world of One Love, this is my wish
for you.  As I travel on this Journey your little hand print goes with me, keeping me safe, reminding me why I  won't
give up in believing we can change this world for us all.  I love you my little Goddess, you are light, you are love!
Lovelisha, my daughter always!  Thank you for blessing this family and my life
with your unconditional love.  Your loyalty to family and living a life of positive
choices for you and all others is an example to all.  I love you!

 Seeing the hand prints on the Tree of Life on One Love gives me so much joy in knowing that we together are creating love that will branch out to touch so many lives, as it has already touched mine and so many along the way deeply.

Baby Semaj, Our little Miracle!

Kim, my best friend, my sister of the heart.
I love you so much and am so blessed to be able
to share my life with you and yours with me!

Love is contagious, giving and receiving love is the greatest feeling of any felt. Why we are ever taught any different is beyond me.  I can't imagine ever going back to a place of fearing love again.  Here and now I know the power of love, the power of self acceptance, the power of unity among us all.

One people, One World, One Love
We are all Sisters and Brothers in this life
Our world is one big family tree!

We want to grow up in a world of one love!
We can live a new world of one people no matter what is going on in this world.  I know this because while there is so much change needed for us all, one thing we have total control over is how we feel, being thankful for each breath we take is enough to feel the love of life.

As I drove away from Sacramento with Mr. Marley and My Son Brandon by my side I did so with nothing but love in my heart.  Love for it all, love for everyone.  Sound mushy? Great! I can live with that all day long!

Our drive was a long one and I was blessed to have my son with me.  We had some technical difficulties before leaving town, the break system wasn't working so we stopped off at a RV Dealer in Sacramento and had the assistance of a very helpful man who got us going with not to much travel time lost.

The drive had it's scary moments as we did a little fish tailing that was enough to make me and Brandon quite content with taking the drive nice and slow.  The drive itself took about 4 hours.  We drew the attention of quite a few neighbors on the road with our colorful travel trailer.  Got a few honks and peace signs from passer bye'rs.

One Love is a World of all Life Living In Harmony!  Why would
we ever want to live any other way?! Get Your One Love On!
We even got an insult from a group in a car who yelled some profanities out of their window at us.  Brandon and I looked at each other and just laughed then we both said a little prayer for that group to find the same place of joy we were in.  It was really cool to have my son with me saying prayers along the way when the road got a little rough.  We both talked to Jesus and Buddha, we both asked our spirit guides and guardian angels to protect One Love and keep us safe from harm.  The fish tailing stopped and we enjoyed a pretty smooth ride from there on out.  We made sure and said thank you for that.

If what you want in life is happiness, then be happy!  What are you waiting for?
An invitation? Your invited to be happy!
When we reached Highway 17 things slowed down a whole big bunch.  We took the incline of 17 at about 5 miles per hour.  Not wanting to tear up the transmission of Faith we patiently climbed the mountain with 7,000 pounds of weight behind us.  About a half of a mile up the winding roads the coolest thing happened.  The Highway 17 tow truck and one of Rossi's tow trucks got behind us and turned their lights on for us and followed us the whole way up and a quarter of the way down to make sure we were okay.  I want to give a big shout out to both tow companies for showing One Love and Us some love on this Journey!  You Guys Rock Man!

I will miss my friends and family in Sacramento, I am blessed to have them with
me always in my heart and move forward today knowing that, living that!
As we pulled into the park and found our space the park was alive with children and dogs playing.  I was able to back One Love in with the guidance of Brandon on our first try, pretty cool as I was unsure of the whole backing up thing, haha.  Right away some of the neighbors came over and welcomed us to the park.  A few of the neighborhood kids came by a few times to check in on us and get to know Mr. Marley.

Nani's babies sure know how to make me smile!
The park is absolutely beautiful, full of trees, plants and flowers.  An array of people from all walks of life.  A sparkling clean pool and Jacuzzi which I plan on taking full advantage of for my exercise plan for this new diet of mine.  Brandon and I went to work right away getting One Love situated and unpacking.

Andre and Kirsten joined us shortly after we arrived to help us get settled in.  It was really cool to have Brandon's Father and other Mother here.  I am still so happy that we all are such a team today.  We have grown so much since we began mending our relationships and today are seeing the reward of friendship for our ability to put our pasts behind us.  Thank you so much Andre and Kirsten for joining us on our first night here.

Semaj, being able to leave Sacramento this time with you believing in me, proud of me and believing in this Journey is one of the greatest blessings of all for me thus far on this Journey.  I will cherish the moments we shared this week, the look in your eyes when you told me you are proud of me.  I love you so much and each step I take you take with me in my heart.

Brandon left to spend the night at his Dads while Marley and I ran up to my Sisters to say hello to Marley's best buddy Reef.  The dogs played while I made me some dinner, a shake that is, haha!  Then Marley and me headed back to One Love and called it a night, exhausted we both feel asleep in only a few moments.

One Love Tree Of Life

This moment is all that matters, who we were yesterday is gone who we are tomorrow
is limitless in possibilities for a new world for all!
Learn Now, Love Now, Live Now!

I woke up around 4am this morning and the sky was amazing, the air cold and crisp.  A big change from where I was.  I actually pulled out my hoodies and furry house shoes before I made my morning coffee. I sat editing the pictures from yesterday as tears streamed down my face and I laughed out loud.  What a great day!  What a great send off!  What a great beginning of a new chapter in this Journey.

Joy is in every moment, Happiness is living that moment, Success is living a life of Gratitude for each moment!

Thank you God for a giving me this most amazing path to follow~

Time to get moving here and finish setting up One Love's new home.  Thank you for joining me this morning, I hope to be in your neck of the woods one day soon so you too can join in on adding your hand print to the Tree Of Life on One Love!

I love you all from a place of much gratitude for the here and now, much love for every step that brought me to this most fabulous moment in life, a moment of pure joy.

One Love

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