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What is Energy Art?

Energy art is a work of art that holds the energy intended for the piece and is felt by those who view it.. Have you ever seen a piece of art, or maybe a crystal that just called out to you, spoke to you, and you had to have it. That is a powerful indication that the energy that piece holds is a vibration for you; a match for what you need in your life.

Energy art holds more than just a physical reality but also an energetic reality, and that actually does something at the energy levels. You can shift the energy in a room, activate certain energy by placing the right pieces in the right space.

All of my pieces are created to do something beneficial, beautiful, healing and inspirational. Created with specific purposes in mind for the viewer and the space each piece will hold.

My art has noticeable energetic reality to it, when you hang it in your space you will fell the energy radiate throughout that space, and your visitors will as well. 

Currently I am working on an Earth Angel and Animal Totem oracle deck for my readings. Each card I am creating of the 65 card deck carries a specific message. You can order prints in canvas, photo, or metal of these energy pieces as this deck comes together. The deck will be available for purchase in the future.

Look over the prints as I load them here, each one was created with a ritual of saging the brushes, paints and canvas, specific crystals were present to enhance the intended energy and meaning of the card. Each piece has been prayed over, sang to and every stroke of my brush carried specific intent to ignite that energy into the painting. Originals are not available for sale at this time, however each print carries the original energy and is prayed over and blessed before shipping. Each piece comes with a printout of what the card means, the message it carries as described below with each picture.

My art is copywritten, unauthorized download or sale of my work without consent is not prohibited by copy write law and just bad karma.


Vibration 11, Elements Water & Air
Awakening, Transformation, Empowerment

Animal Totem: Peacock, Mystical symbol of conspiring with the Universe
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh
Crystals: Apatite (Blue) Stone of Manifestation. Mookaite Jasper The Stone of Bold Beauty, Lapis Lazuli The Stone of Universal Truth.

Peacock is a guardian or royalty. You have drawn this card to you as a powerful messenger of dreaming all that you can be without limits. Peacock brings the symbolic gifts of  dreaming & prosperity. Carries the energies of grace, dignity and self expression. And teaches the magic of perfect timing and using your gifts of word, written, spoken, sung. Peacock carries the spiritual energy of optimism.

You are ready to SHINE. Making yourself small serves no one, anymore than shinning for insecure reasons does. It is time for you to shine from your truth. The truth is that you are perfect now, nothing is needed, nothing is missing, YOU are DIVINE and YOU are READY to SHINE. There has been a stirring in you, are you listening? Are you acting on this knowing that there is something greater in you than you could imagine? Imagine you should, without limitations imagine living your life without doubts, without fear, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? Well, you cannot fail, remember every experience renders you exactly what your soul desires on this wonderfully designed journey created by you, for you. 

Your gifts are awakening, your light is strengthening and cannot be held in by the outdated limitations of yesteryear. It is time to boldly spread your tail feathers and show the world all your magnificence. You are a gift to this time of great change, your light is needed now. Hear the calling of the Peacock as you look gaze into the eye of truth, the truth about you. Remember who you are. You are infinite. You are Powerful. You are Brilliant. You are a child of the Creator.

Shine for the truth of who you are. No longer seeking outside validation, no longer shinning to be valuable. Shine because you are a masterpiece of creation and your shine awakens the shine of others. Look for the light in others to strengthen the light in you. This is a time of great awakening and transformation for you. Have the courage to act boldly with confidence in all you do. Set your intentions of manifestation. Be boldly beautiful YOU.

Order Prints of Shine
Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

Photo Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $11 visible at checkout. 

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Vibration 2, Elements Fire & Water
Harmony, Peace, Adaptability, Confidence, Transformation, Resurrection

Earth Angel: Angel of Divine Balance
Animal Totems: Dolphin Power Animal of Life, Love, Balance. Phoenix Power Animal of Transformation, Resurrection, Protection
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Rosemary
Crystals: Agate The Stone of Inner Stability. Aquamarine The Stone of The Sea. Heliodor The Stone of The Sun.

The Angel of Divine Balance is present. She is accompanied by her Animal Totem Friends the Dolphin and the Phoenix. You have drawn this card as a powerful message of a time of great transformation available to you with creating balance in your life. More specifically inner balance. Remember as within, so without. Your external reality is a mirror reflection of your internal vibration. Are there parts of yourself that you are denying? Are you balancing the light and dark energies within so that you can come into balance and ride the wave of life with courage and excitement? These are good questions for you to ask yourself at this time.

It is time to get acquainted with both the light and shadow aspects of yourself and bring both into balance and harmony. Denying either side will create imbalance. Are you denying your light, living too small, letting your limiting beliefs of your worth imprison you? Are you denying your shadow side? Denying your shadow side the respect and appreciation it deserves. Both sides of you serve you greatly and equally. Remember all that is, is Divine. The Creator makes no mistakes, there is not one aspect of yourself created that is not worthy. Both the light and dark aspects of you serve you in experiencing all needed in this lifetime for your souls growth. 

You are ready for a rebirth. You are prepared to face all aspects of yourself now and bring balance to your inner world so that you can create balance in your outer world and attract the energy of adventure into your life with confidence. Life is like an ocean. When you are not balanced you will be tossed about at sea by the waves. When you are balanced you are confident to ride the wave of life with the wind blowing through your hair. Life is an adventure. The Dolphin brings the energy of swimming freely and trusting your intuitions. You are infinite intelligence. It is time to trust your own guidance. Phoenix brings the energy of renewal, rebirth, immortality. Reminding you that you are unstoppable, each chapter of your life is written on purpose with purpose. The challenges in your life are present like the flames of the Phoenix burning away untruths that have held you back from living your life purpose. The Angel of Divine Balance is reminding you that you are not alone, you are supported and favored by all of Creation. She reminds you that you need but ask for support from your highest self, your guides and Angels. Call upon her when you need assistance. 

The energy of the number 2 relates to serving your soul purpose and life mission. Resonates with the vibration of duality; light/dark, male/female, day/night, yin/yang, fire/water. Bringing the energy of balance. It is time to discover your chosen path, creating balance within will heighten your knowing of what that path is, you likely already have an idea. Remember that you are not learning in this lifetime as much as you are remembering what you already know.

This is a powerful card with a powerful message. Take some time to bask in the sun, drink lots of water and contemplate where balance is needed internally. Bless your water before you drink it and ask the Angel of Divine Balance to help guide you within to find where balance is needed. You are ready to ride the wave of life with courage, with excitement, bringing balance into your life will give you all you need to do just that.

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Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

Photo Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $11 visible at checkout. 

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Vibration 7, Elements Earth, Fire & Water
Healer, Blessings, Cycles, Magic, Divine Guidance, Intuition

Earth Angel: Angel of Nurture, Archangel Gabriel
Animal Totems: Ladybug totem of Spiritual Devotion, Happiness, Blessings, Magic, Healing. Dragonfly winds of change, transformation, wisdom and enlightenment.
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Lemongrass 
Crystals: Apatite (Green) The earth healer stone. Aventurine (Green) The stone of opportunity. Amethyst The Master Healer stone. Jasper The Supreme Nurturer.

The Earth Angel Nurture is present supported by Archangel Gabriel, accompanied by their animal totem friends the ladybug and dragonfly delivering a message with divine timing. This is a time of blessings for you. Are your hands open to receive? Are your thoughts in alignment with abundance, are you nurturing the garden of your mind? These are all important questions for you to ask yourself at this auspicious time. The seven ladybugs have been drawn to you as messengers of the holy spirit, reminding you of your creation powers. Every thought you think, every belief you hold creates your reality. Nurturing the garden of your mind at this time to clean out the weeds holding you back from living the life you desire will be supported by the divine spirit of renewal. You may have drawn this message to you as a sign that more play is needed in your life. Get outside, put your bare feet in the sand, on the ground, take time to smell the flowers, dance in the sun. More celebration in your life will create more to celebrate. The dragonfly represents transformation, greater wisdom and enlightenment, a rebirth. Deep emotions coming up in you at this time are ready to be transmuted through truth, the lies you told yourself about yourself are ready to crumble, making way for the truth that you are and always have been worthy, loved, powerful. The ladybugs remind you to address this time of deep emotions with a light heart, with laughter and joy. Embrace the changes with excitement. Both totems remind you to look at things with the eyes of a child. 

The 7 vibration of this card resonates with the vibrations and energies of universal consciousness. Natural healing and healing gifts. Intuitive gifts. Manifesting and manifestation.  You are drawn to this card because the gifts of healing and insight are awakening in you now. You are being reminded that you are supported in using your natural gifts for the betterment of all, beginning with you. It is time to nurture yourself, you are your greatest asset. Loving and nurturing yourself will give you so much more power to love and nurture others. You are highly favored, supported and loved by all of creation. You are being celebrated at this time. Embrace the magic all around and within you with excitement and the energy of creation. You are a powerful creator and nurturer. Have the heart of a child. Believe it to see it.

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Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

Photo Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $11 visible at checkout. 

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Vibration 10, Elements Fire, Air
Potential, Leadership, Confidence, Optimism, Determination, Success

Earth Angel: The Guardian
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, Ylang Ylang
Crystals: Amazonite Stone of Courage, Stone of Truth. Jasper (Brown) The Sacred Stone of Protection. Smokey Quartz Stone of Power, Grounding. Spessartine The Warriors Stone.

You have attracted this powerful card of protection and truth to you at this time as a reminder that Spirit has your back. The truth is that you are full of universal infinite potential. Are you living up to your full potential? Are you fear and doubt the prison you have created for yourself? Now is the time to break free of your imagined prison, the only prison is the prison of our mind. All that you desire is on the other side of fear. The Guardian has come to remind you that you are protected, guided and supported. No real harm can come to you, you are an infinite child of the Creator and being encouraged to remember the power you possess in claiming your birth right in this life time. 

The mirror in this card reflects back to you the truth of who you are, who you have always been. You came into this world to experience it all. Not one experience has been a mistake. Somewhere along the way you gave your power away, it is time to reclaim your power through hard work and determination to gain the successes in life you think are without of reach. 

It is time to embrace that which you are. You are LOVE. Eternal Love. You came from Love, as Love and you are destined to return to Love. No fear can stand in the face of Love! The Guardian stands by your side as you declare no longer will you make yourself small, limit yourself, fear the world around you. You are the master creator of your reality. Today, in this moment be empowered to break free of the chains of fear that bond you. Cast these chains aside and live free, remembering who you are. 

You are encouraged to stand in your convictions of truth. Not to be confused with convictions formed from a place of judgement. Forgive yourself and others for all trespasses. The truth is that no wrongs have occurred, everyone involved gained exactly what they needed for their own souls growth. Let go of the concepts and labels of right and wrong. The energies of guilt, resentment, regret are a waste of time and are holding you back from claiming your heavenly inheritance in this life time. To hold onto any of these energies is to forfeit moving toward your dreams of successful living. Are you ready to realize your full potential? Of course you are, you have attracted this card to you on purpose with purpose. The time is now! 

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Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

Photo Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $11 visible at checkout. 

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Vibration 12, Elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air
Higher Consciousness, Achievement, New Beginnings, Regeneration

Earth Angel: Alignment, As Above, So Below. The Angel of Heaven and Earth
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Atlas Cedarwood, Sage, Sweet Orange
Crystals: Agate The Stone of Inner Stability, Azurite The Stone of Heaven. Cacoxenite The Stone of Ascension. Fluorite (Blue) The Healer of Souls.

The Angel of Heaven and Earth has come to you to offer alignment in you life, She carries a message of the need for a clearing the blocked energies in you at this time. The 12-Chakra system is in need of maintenance, blocked energies can manifest into your physical body if not cleared. You may be familiar with the 7-Chakra system. In addition to the primary 7-Chakras there are 5 additional chakras. These 12 Chakras are our connection to the Universe. Are you meditating? Are you taking time each day to ground? Are you listing all that you have to be grateful for before bed each night and giving thanks to the Creator for all that you have?

Trapped energies create unbalances in you. Now is the perfect time to call upon the Earth Angel Alignment and ask for assistance in balancing what is unbalanced in you. You are ready to let go of these energy blocks and raise your vibration. New beginnings are present for you now, it is a time of regeneration and renewal for you. Walking a path of self-awareness will lift you to higher consciousness, higher levels of achievement and success. You are being asked to look at your life from an inward perspective. Looking at the world around you without accepting your role in creating it is rendering your powerless to bring about change in your life. It is time to awaken to the truth that you are in full control of your circumstances, as without, so without. 

You are encouraged to take care of your mind, body and spirit at this time. Bless you water and food before consuming it. Take time to enjoy all of the elements. Sit in the sun soaking up the healing rays of light, increasing your vitamin D. Cleanse yourself in water daily with intent to release all negative energy, bless the water you bathe and swim in. Imagine the light of Christ being showered upon you, surrounding you with protection. Breath in the air with intent, using your "I AM" statements with each in and out breath. You are the light that transmutes all darkness. breath in the stress around you and hold it with the intent of transmuting it with the light that you are, breath out peace, surrounding yourself with confidence and serenity. Put your feet on the earth, thank her for the life that she gives, apologize for being an ungrateful child and ask permission to ground. The five elements are alive, they are as alive and full of consciousnesses as you are. You are being awakened to that which you have taken for granted so that you can come into full alignment and begin a transformation, travel your path to ascension. You are a child of the Light, Time to remember who you are and love yourself fully each day with every thought, word and action. 

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Vibration 11, Elements Earth, Water
Transformation, Spiritual Awakening, Manifesting, Building Solid Foundations

Earth Angel: The Angel of Divine Spiritual Awakening
Plant Totem: Tree of Life, The Heritage Oak Tree
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Helichrysum, Lavender
Crystals: Apatite (Yellow) The Stone of the Future. Azurite The Stone of Heaven. Bloodstone The Christ Stone. Cacoxenite The Stone of Ascension.

The Angel of Divine Spiritual Awakening has been drawn to you carrying the vibrations of the Master Number 11, The Master Teacher. She comes with a reminder that all experiences in your life are your teacher. Are there experiences that you are avoiding? Present experiences being avoided carry the vibration of fear. You are reminded at this time that FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real and encouraged to remember the truth of who you are so that you can Face Everything And Rise. Everything is a matter of perspective. If you are looking at your fears as real, as able to stop you, then you are choosing a path of limitations. You are encouraged to look at your fears as opportunities with the knowing that everything you want is on the other side of fear. You are guaranteed to grow through facing your fears. Each challenging event in your life, all pain, all loss renders the greatest gains of growth.

This is a time of Spiritual Awakening for you. You are being assisted in setting solid foundations through the energy of the Heritage Oak Tree, known throughout history as The Tree Of Life. When you look at the root system of the Heritage Oak you see that it's roots are as vast and magnificent as its beautiful branches. The Oak Tree carries the energies of nobility, loyalty, determination, honor, longevity and reminds you of your own ability to overcome all obstacles in your life. You are also being asked to pay attention to the foundations you are building. Are you building on the foundations of honor, integrity, loyalty, love and being of service to all involved. The foundation we build determines the stability of that which we build. When we build a faulty foundation all that is laid upon it will eventually crumble. All is not lost in the crumbling of what was ill built, sometimes we have to lose everything to gain it all. If you are currently facing such a situation, you are encouraged to go back to the drawing board and build again, this time with a solid foundation built from only the highest of high intentions.

You are also being gifted the power of manifestation with the drawing of this card. The vibrations of 11 remind you that you are the creator of your reality. Your thoughts lead to your words and actions. What are you thinking about most at this time? Are your aspirations honorable? Are you seeking external validation or are you creating internal validation from the Divine truth that you are and always have been a child of creation, beautiful, worthy and perfect as you are. You are being guided to align your intentions with your actions. Assure that your intentions are pure of heart. Focus on the pursuit of being rather than having and all that you desire to have will be yours by default. Abundance is your birthright, earned through a journey of discovery of what true abundance is, seek abundance of spirit, of being to be abundant in all areas of life. This card is a reminder that your life is much more than it appears, this is a journey of the soul and the soul celebrates all experience with a knowing of the growth that each experience renders. It is time to release all of your limiting beliefs of being a victim in life, there are no victims there are only volunteers, are you ready to outgrow your victim mindset and be empowered to create the life of your dreams, the life that is your birthright? Embrace a new path toward becoming a greater version of yourself through each experience. You are growing beyond determining who the world is, you are ready to choose who you want to become. 

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Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

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Vibration 5, Element Water
Courage, Growth, Life Changes, Freedom, Transformation, 
Transparency, Purity, Flexibility, Adaptability, Creativity, Emotional Grounding
Earth Angel: The Angel of Divine Healing & Freedom
Presence: Jesus Christ
Animal Totem: Octopus, Seahourse
Incense & Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, 
Crystals: Amazonite Stone of Courage, Stone of Truth. Andradite Garnet Stone of Emotional Strength. Aquamarine Stone of the Sea. Brandberg Amethyst the Master Healer Stone. Bloodstone the Christs Stone.

 You have attracted this powerful card to you as an opportunity for healing and freedom through great personal release. The energy of The Angel of Divine Healing & Freedom is present with the energy of The Christ to offer you support while you begin a journey of healing through release of that which no longer serves you. You have been held back long enough. You experienced enough lack, enough loss, enough illusion. You are ready to remove the blocks that hold you back from creating freedom in your life. The truth is that you have always been worthy, you have always been loved, you have never been alone, you are highly favored, loved and protected.

The vibration of the number 5 carries a message that great change is headed your way, combined with the powerful energies of the full moon and element of water you are being supported in opening up the deepest parts of yourself to acknowledge, process and release deep memories and emotions that have no more purpose in your life, you can preserve these memories as great life transformers, great lessons, now seeing them as the experiences they were, the experiences you chose in this lifetime for your own souls growth. You are ready to release the illusions you have about past events in your life, you no longer need to live the lie of being a victim. What happened has passed, you are still here.Are you living your life fully? Are you excited about each breath you take? Do you know the magic that you possess?

The Octopus brings the energy of courage, purity, adaptability, resourcefulness. Call upon the Octopus to aid you in releasing what no longer serves you. Gain assistance in being grounded in the deepest of deep emotions coming up in you now. The Seahourse brings a message to remind you that seeing the changes that you are facing at this time as too much work, too hard, too painful is an illusion. The Seahorse carries a promise that the memories you create with the work of release will become your most cherished memories, your proudest moments. Allow yourself to go with the flow of the changes needed in your life. Be courageous. Being honest with yourself and others is supported at this time.

Jesus Christ is present with a message that you are The Christ. Jesus loves you more than you can know, every part of you is loved, not one part of you takes away from the love that Jesus has for you. Jesus asks you to look at your life with the eyes of a child, with the wonder and amazement of a child and to release your judgements of yourself and others, to love yourself and others as Jesus loves you. You are ready to practice full forgiveness and release all that no longer serves you. Jesus reminds us that less than him will do more than he did. His love and truth is washing over you now, releasing the illusion that you are not worthy, renewing your spirit to reveal the truth of who you are, who you have always been. 

The Angel of Divine Healing & Freedom brings the energy of peace. She is here to boost your confidence and aid in this time of great transformation and awakening for you. She carries the promise of freedom from all that bonds you with the work of release.

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Canvas Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $33 visible at checkout. 

Photo Prints include packaging and shipping costs flat rate for all USA shipping of $11 visible at checkout. 

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