The purpose of my journey~
February 10th 2012

I am discovering that the purpose (if I can condense it down to one descriptive word like purpose) is growing and changing as I am growing and changing more each day since the day I decided to take this Journey for Love.

I need to be clear that this is a personal journey, one I am sharing with all of you with hopes that my doing so will help us all as a whole.  This is a very personal journey so I will be as open as possible with you, airing my dirty laundry so to speak with the true hopes that doing so serves a greater purpose for us all.

I am a person who has to believe there is hope for this world to want to live in it.  Every part of me believes that a life without love is no life at all.  I understand that for many out there a life of love is as scary for them as a life without love is for me.  I made a promise to myself many years ago to stay true to the belief that we are meant to be of service to others, to help others when given the opportunity.  A promise to never let those whom have taken my giving for granted change me into a person who makes others feel the same way.  Living with a "get them before they get you" attitude disguised as "putting myself first" is not my way.

While I helped many in my past however I also did so for the wrong reasons.  I did so to be loved believing I had to give something, sacrifice something to be loved.  Living with that belief lead me down a road of despair most of my life with me always painted as the victim.

While this journey began long ago,  I only came to actively and productivity participate in it with positive intent on a lonely day in December of 2011.  A day when I sadly and quietly murmured the words "She took my Hope" to a friend.  She being one of a long line of people to take from me what little hope was left.  A day where I had not yet learned that hope can not be stolen in the night like a piece of jewelry stolen from my jewelry box, or a lie told, a promise broken.  Hope comes from within, yet to have hope from withing there must love there to, love for self.  I am on a journey seeking love for self so that I can continue to love and trust others.  I do not want to build walls around my heart for the sake of never hurting again. To live so would be more painful than living with lives disappointments, losses and heartbreaks.

We have become a world apart as people and we are all one sharing life on one earth. One Love is more than a concept it is a belief, a belief that we are all affected by the love we feel for ourselves and the love we share with each other. The two are connected, they are not separate the way we have conditioned ourselves to believe they are. Putting ourselves first does not have to mean forsaking all others at any cost, even protecting ourselves. We need to protect ourselves from real threats not imaginary ones that become a self-fulfilling prophecy of solitude and segregation from the rest of the world.
Lets teach our children better, teach them peace!

We are not meant to live life always happy, always pleasant, always okay. Some days we are mad, some sad, we believe the only lucky ones are the ones where we are glad. The truth is our greatest pains and losses bring us as much as our greatest gains. We are meant to acknowledge all emotions, let them run their course and learn from them with love in our hearts for the gifts the lessons bring.
The indifference to others pains and suffering has created a world where those claiming to avoid drama only help perpetuate it by ignoring the dramatic effects of our indifference towards each other.

Together we can see change, we can be change!
I hope to remind people that we are one and what harms or hinders one of us harms us all. There is no gain in protecting yourself from feeling pain if you prohibit yourself from feeling love. We are meant to live with love in our hearts always, expressing other emotions is healthy and when we live with love in our hearts we are able to do so in a healthy way not in a way that brings cruelty to our intentions toward our brothers and sisters.
Unity is the key to our salvation as a whole. We are separated on a greater scale now than ever and it is now more than ever that we need to wake up and recognize our individual responsibility in bringing us back together in Unity with each other so that we can manifest our destiny in the light not the dark.

I hope that sharing my journey with you, someone out there who may be at that place where they have lost their hope may also find a journey to regain their hope and continue to live with love rather than fear in their hearts.

I am no expert, I am fixing a life time of wrong choices and bad habits so I can't promise you that I will do this all right.  I can only share my mistakes and triumphs with you in hopes that it teaches me to reach out and share realizing that I don't have to put on a mask and pretend I have it all together all the time, truth is I don't.  I hope to show that an everyday person who woke up one day realizing everything believed was wrong and everything that was wrong was my own doing by my own choices in some way helps someone who in turn helps another for the right reasons, offering unconditional love for self and all others till it grows and flourishes and we can all heal together as one.  Sound impossible?  It is only if we believe it so.

Contact me by email at onelovejourney2012@gmail.com

How can WE save the world?
February 24th 2012

I realize I am only one person in a whole big world.  You may feel the same way.  In the grand design we am but two pieces of  the big puzzle.  Before now I looked at myself as an individual and the rest of the puzzle seemed very intimidating when I viewed myself detached from the whole.  Today I see myself as part of the whole.  Kind of like I am the pinky toe to one body.  Realizing how connected we all are I do not feel so small any more, I do not feel so powerless to affect change.
Unconditional Love

Every day I am learning more and more how powerful  I am.  I have abilities inside of me that have been asleep a long time, likely most of my life.  I  believe I was born with unconditional love in my heart and my environment changed my perception of what love meant.
Today my little sister who once said to me repeatedly "JoJo you cannot save the world" said to me "JoJo I believe you can save the world"  having her believe in me is enough.  I know that I may be only one person.  However every life I touch touches another and that life another and so on.  We all have it in us to help save our world.

Peace, Love and Happiness for us all!
While my ideas and tries may be outside the lines at times they are not so unthinkable.  I am happier today than ever in my life.  I used to have a lot of nice "things" today I have nice "feelings" meaningful interactions with myself and those I come in contact with.  By learning to love myself unconditionally and offer love to others unconditionally I am mending relationships in my life that have been damaged for many years.  I am free of the judgements I held against myself and others.  I am a positive impact in my own life and the lives I come in contact with.

Selling and giving away most everything I own and letting go of my Escalade and buying this old little trailer with no truck to tow it yet is the best out of the box decision I ever made.  I don't value things anymore, I value people, I value laughter, I value time, I value myself and I value you!

How can I get my message out there, how can I help progress change for us all?  

One Love
The only way I know how is to live it.  So that's what I am doing!  I am living peace and love.  I am traveling the Country, maybe the World in a little old travel trailer that myself and some other good people who believe in this are painting this week.  We are painting a tree of life with no leaves, and then we are all going to paint our hands in the One Love colors of red, yellow and green and place our hands on the tree to represent being part of the whole.  As I travel and meet new people, making new friends and spreading the word more will add their hands to the tree and the tree will grow and so will our hearts.  One by one more will recognize the power within themselves to save our world, our lives, our souls by making one simple change...  Deciding to live with love in our hearts rather than fear.

While this is my personal journey I feel that change in life is a mutual journey when our goals are for the same desired outcome.  Change for a better world can be Our journey and all who want to join are welcome to get yourself a travel trailer and come with me, embark on a journey to change the world with me and together lets make a difference in this world.  It's Our world, we are all one and together we can save the world!

One People, One World, One Love
If you're not quite ready to let go of the world your conditioned to living in you can still be a part of this, not everyone has to get a trailer and travel.  Change starts in you.  My path is not your path.  However Our path can share a common direction by simply learning to love ourselves and others without conditions.  Spread the word about One Love by living it yourself.  You will be amazed what a difference unconditional love can make.

Overnight I am happier than I have ever been.  I don't know how much time I have left on this earth, but I do know that I am living every minute of my time left here with purpose now.  I am cherishing every given moment.  No longer am I living for the future by ignoring the present.  I am living for the present mindful of my impact on the future.  I am striving to live as a soul in a body instead of a body seeking a soul.

If nothing else you will realize one simple thing, happiness is a choice, it really is.  Nothing can take it away when you choose to experience it.  Choose happiness, choose love, choose life!

Hope to see you soon,
I love you!


March 2012
I am getting super excited about the stats of the blog.  What they are telling me is that Love is Contagious.  The are telling me that people are coming back because they like what they are reading.  I have believed all my life that if one person cares more will and my beliefs are coming true today.  That is truly a blessing for us all.

Think about it my friends, if one person, one everyday common person like myself can reach others we all can.  We all can!  We can change our world if we want to.  We can make a better place for our children, their children and so on.  We can!

We don't have to live in fear of getting hurt or meeting the wrong people.  In life things happen I am not pretending that we are a perfect world but it is OUR imperfections and our differences that make us unique and we should learn to celebrate those differences and appreciate each other without judgement.  Maybe if more people start caring about people we won't have so much crime, so many starving children in the world, wars, and so on.

If we begin to care about ourselves and others more each day, than more each day OUR WORLD can get BETTER!

Today Canada stopped by the site, okay maybe not all of Canada but one Canadian stopped by and that person can make a difference too.  We all can, each one of us!

I thought I would share with you the stats so you can see for yourself just how catchy love is, just how good people caring about people feels.  The news thinks all that sells is drama, well I am here to show differently, people are coming back here.  I have had this blog up for One Month Today!  If in one month so many people stay tuned to my little life well then I say more happiness is gonna bring more happiness.

One People, One World, One Love

In one month there has been this many visits to the OneLoveJourney2012 blog, how cool is that!
The darker the Green for each area the more visitors for that area that have stopped by to check out the blog!
April 2012
I am truly overwhelmed with the new Countries that have joined in by stopping by for a visit.  I am touched by the support for One Love for One People of One World belief. 

In my best dreams we live in a world of equality and reciprocity, in my best dreams we are people who ask how another is doing because we genuinely care to hear the answer and answer honestly weather we are fine or not.

Thank you so much for traveling with me while I learn to be a better me and hope for a better tomorrow for us all.  Thank you for being here with me, I love you all with all my heart and now that I am learning that in order to do that I have to love me first I am getting much better at honestly loving you too.

Have a blessed month, keep sharing and spreading love to all you see and don't forget self, self needs love to you know, smile.

All Time Stats

Happy Belated Anniversary~
Stats for April - May 2012

All Time Views Per Country
So awesome to see a world coming together in One Love

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  1. Cant wait to see the one love all painted. And I hope to come see you so I can put my hand on the tree! That will be so cool, that way it will be like I'm travling with you!! Thanks for the new blogg post!!